Foundation Stage 2

Stage 2 (FS2) of the HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme is 12 months in duration which aims to prepare Foundation Pharmacists to practice in more advanced roles.

There are two modules that are each six months in duration.

  • Module A: Developing self, others and your Operational Management Skills.

Academic assignment: change management.

  • Module B Module B: Ensuring Patient Safety and a Quality Service

Academic assignment: therapeutic review.

For each module there will be specific portfolio tasks to complete in addition to associated academic assignments and on-going clinical development in the foundation pharmacists area of practice. Similar tools are required to build a FS2 portfolio, such as Supervised Learning Events (SLE), Contributions to care, Reflective accounts (CPD’s) and Assessments of Practice. A suggested timeline of FS2 work placed activities can be found here.

For each FS2 module Foundation Pharmacists must complete three extended interventions (one must be presented within Learning set three of the module). At FS2 foundation pharmacists are expected to formally reference original research within the body of text to demonstrate how it influenced their decision-making or recommendations.

It should be noted that the modules within stage 2 are intensive. Foundation Pharmacist’s need to ensure they have read all the relevant documentation as soon as possible after completion of the stage 1 assessments. Organisational skills and time management are vital in ensuring foundation pharmacists are able to complete all the relevant tasks within the module. Many tasks within the modules are reliant on the support of senior staff; therefore they will require sufficient notification.