What is MiniTAB?

MiniTAB is a Multisource Feedback (MSF) and is designed to evaluate professional behaviour and looks at four key areas of performance; Attitudes and behaviours, verbal communication skills, team working and accessibility. It is a mandatory requirement of the Foundation Programme and evidence for your portfolio to complete MSF’s throughout your training. 

The MiniTAB Timetable

The MiniTAB timetable for both FS1 and FS2 is during April/May and Oct/Nov. This timetable is provided as a guide and you should refer to the stage 1 and 2 handbooks for additional information.

Before commencing the MiniTAB process

All Foundation Pharmacists and their Educational Supervisors are required to undertake training on MiniTAB prior to starting the process of receiving feedback, you only need to do the training once. This is to ensure that the FP receives relevant feedback related to their practice, and the ES gives appropriate feedback. Training can be access via 
The pharmacy training videos can be accessed via section 04 – Enhancing Learning Through Assessment. The pharmacy videos are at the bottom of this section.

It is essential that we have up to date information. If a foundation pharmacist, changes Trusts or Educational supervisor they should complete the Trainee Self-Update Form available here.

The Process

MiniTAB Process 2017

Important MiniTAB report information

The MiniTAB report will only work once a minimum of 4 people have responded. You cannot find out who the respondents are as the system is designed to be anonymous. Once the 4 week period is complete you and your ES will be emailed the link to the report, if there are insufficient numbers of responders we suggest the FP send reminders emails all those who have been asked to provide feedback, thank those who have and include a gentle reminder for those who haven’t. Please note that all FP’s should complete the miniTAB assessment feedback themselves.
Once the link has been circulated, as the system is web based, any further responders will be added to the report therefore it is still possible for assessors to provide feedback past the 4 week period.

Before the report is reviewed by the ES and the FP it is important to check whether the FP has completed their self-assessment, this will be highlighted within the report; the FP responses have a yellow box next to their feedback.

The MiniTAB process should be completed within a 6 week period. It is possible to save a PDF version of the report onto your system.

It is essential that we have up to date information. If a foundation pharmacist, changes Trusts or Educational supervisor they should complete the Trainee Self-Update Form available below. 

Frequently Asked Questions


I am due to undertake the MiniTAB but I have not received my unique identification code?

All Foundation Pharmacists enrolled on the programme will be emailed directly by HEE LaSE Pharmacy with their unique identification codes in the Spring and Autumn, if you think your miniTAB is overdue and you haven’t received your code, contact 


Where can I find the MiniTAB training module on the Educator Hub?

The miniTAB module is available on the Educator Hub of the e-Learning for Health website. All of the content on The Educator Hub is free to access. Registration is recommended, however, as this allows users to track their learning, provide feedback on sessions, and retain certificates of completion. Once registered, you can enrol on the Educator Training Resource programme by selecting My Account > Enrolment and selecting the programme (i.e. Educator Training Resource). You can then access the programme immediately in the My e-Learning section.
The pharmacy training resources can be accessed by clicking on 04 – Enhanced Learning Through Assessment within the Educator Training Resource. Scroll down the page to find the Pharmacy MSF/miniTAB module.


I am no longer working for a Trust in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, how do I access MiniTAB?

This applies to anyone on the FP course who started within KSS, but has now moved to a trust outside of KSS e.g. London, Portsmouth etc., or anyone who is self-funding on the course. You are not eligible to use the electronic system. The lead at your HEI can provide you with paper copies of the mini-TAB which you can send out manually. Responses should be sent back to your ES. The ES does not need to compile a report in this case; they should simply feedback the responses to you anonymously. You can either include anonymised responses in your portfolio, or can write up a short summary and reflection on what the responses were and what action you will take for your development.


The link to the final report is not working but I don’t know why?

See important MiniTAB report information 


Can I see which assessors have completed the form and which haven’t?

As the system is designed to be anonymous it is not possible to see which of your assessors have responded or not. It is advised that Foundation Pharmacists send a email to all assessors, thanking to those who have already completed the form and reminding those who haven’t.


Is it possible to run a miniTAB outside the scheduled timetable?

The miniTAB can be done outside the scheduled timetable but only in exceptional circumstances. It is important to note that in these circumstances the FP is likely to have a reduced time to receive feedback from the assessors, so they must be well informed of the process. All requests to run a miniTAB outside the scheduled timetable must be made in writing to