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Employer Name or Branch/Town/Postcode field will display as Programme Title within Oriel and will provide applicants with easily accessible information so please ensure it accurately reflects a name they will recognise. Please use Employer name or Pharmacy Branch, the town and postcode. If you are recruiting using a cluster approach please use the beginning part of the post code here only, eg SW20. Please enter the information separated by / (forward slash)

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Please provide a clear description of your programme so applicants can make an informed decision when choosing which organisation to preference. You should also include here any placements which are less than 3 months in duration. Those longer than 3 months should be added below under Placements. (950 Characters including spaces ONLY) Please do not use any formatting or bullets. 

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This should be an indicative number, confirmation on final numbers will be required in May.

Applicants will need to know if you are offering a Licensed Tier 2 Sponsorship, all NHS places should offer Tier 2, please choose Yes from the drop down below. As a Primary Care Employer, if you are not offering licenses for all the places you are recruiting to, you will need to submit two separate programmes, one with sponsorship and one without. More information about visa sponsorship can be found on the Home Office Website here:

Please note if you are providing Tier 2 sponsorship there is a minimum salary required. Check the Home Office website for up to date information. For Primary Care Organisations: Please detail any bonuses or other uplifts in the programme description only.


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The next section of the form is for the placement information and must be completed. The majority of placements are 1 placement for 12 months and are likely to have many smaller placements within them. If these placements are less than 3 months they should be listed and described in the programme description above and then choose 1 from the drop down below.

If you offer a training programme with placements which are longer than 3 months in duration, you should complete the correct fields below to describe how these placements work and to enable applicants to filter these types of programmes. 


Terms of Participation 

In order to participate in the National Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme, we ask that all employers abide by our Terms of Participation. These are clearly detailed on our website.
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Failure to abide by these terms will result in the removal of your posts from the scheme.