Foundation Pharmacist Programme

A new Foundation Pharmacist Programme is currently under development within London and the South East. This new programme is a vocational work based training programme (VTS) and further information about where these VTS programmes are being organised and delivered will be available in the new year.

The current KSS Foundation Pharmacist programme has now closed for new stage one applications, this programme will now run from January 2018 for 18 months. All FS1’s will automatically transfer onto stage two providing they complete and pass stage one. 

There will be an April 2018 FS2 intake for any trainees who have deferred or are transferring into KSS from outside of the region. Please complete our Trainee Update Form to advise us if you are planning to start the April 2018 at least four weeks prior to the start of the programme. You will also need to follow the HEI enrolment process. 

Trainee Support

From time to time, trainees may require extra support. For trainees and employing organisations we have developed a reference guide which outlines the educational support processes in place for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that are undertaking commissioned training within our region. Please visit our dedicated Trainees Requiring Additional Support page for further information including a link to download the reference guide which should be read prior to submitting the on-line reporting form.