HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme Application Process

On this page you will find the forms needed throughout the programme and the application process


The HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme is predominately facilitated in the work-place with support from academia. The work-place training is recorded using a  portfolio, trainees are required to start building this before starting the academic element.

Each Foundation Pharmacist entering the programme must have a suitably trained Educational Supervisor allocated to them before endeavouring to start the work-place element of the programme.

The application process is open each year from mid-September to the end of November, in preparation for the academic programme starting in the following January.

Documents required for the application process:

All pharmacists entering the programme must be working towards or have completed the Foundation Pharmacist prerequisites learning outcomes  (Click on the link on the left of this page to download the guide. ) The majority of these are covered within your local induction process. Your progress with these will determine successful application.

The HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme Learning Agreement must be signed by the trainee, educational supervisor and educational programme director and attached to the application form in the space provided.

All successful applicants will be informed via email by us by mid December. 

Stage 2 of the HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme comprises of two modules, each 6 months.If you are an existing stage 1 trainee you will be asked at academic assessment if you wish to continue, (if so which module) take a break or exit with a PG Cert. If you choose to take a break you must inform the HEI when you wish to restart.
Those who have had a break in practice or resit before starting or during FS2 must complete FS2 Application Form prior to restarting the module.

Those who have moved to Kent, Surrey and Sussex from another area or those who intend to undertake Foundation Stage 2 after completing another certificate programme should contact the universities regarding the APEL Process (Click on the link on the left of this page to download. ). Once they have given approval the trainee should complete FS2 Application Form. Once trainees have been accepted it is essential they enrol at their university as soon as possible.

In addition the Educational Supervisor is required to complete an Educational Supervisor Form for their trainee, if they have followed the APEL process or a trainee whose Educational Supervisor has changed following a break from the programme.

The application process is open twice a year:

Beginning to the end of August for modules beginning in October. 

Beginning to the end of February for the modules beginning in April.