Foundation Stage One

Stage 1 of the HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme aims to develop the basic skills of a foundation pharmacist. It is 18 months in duration and focuses on the knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective patient-centred care taking all aspects of medicines optimisation into consideration. This stage of the programme is predominantly work-based with academic support being provided via eight learning sets and summative assessments.

To document this learning we require each foundation pharmacist to build a portfolio. The foundation pharmacist portfolio is similar to a pre-registration pharmacist portfolio:


During the programme evidence must be collected and collated within our e-portfolio system. There are various types of evidence such as Supervised Learning Events(SLE), Contributions to care, Reflective accounts (CPD’s) and Assessments of Practice.


The evidence should be mapped to the RPS Foundation Pharmacy Framework competences.


There must be regular meetings to review evidence and monitor progress with each foundation pharmacist having support from a nominated Educational Supervisor.


Regular Appraisals must occur at 6, 12 and 18 months.

It is expected that the foundation pharmacist will begin building their portfolio prior to starting the academic element of the programme. This can begin within the Trust as soon as you have been granted e-portfolio access. See Building the Foundation Pharmacist Portfolio for further information.

The academic portion of the course begins once a year in March.  There are three learning sets available for foundation pharmacists to attend, which occur on consecutive Wednesdays in Kent, Surrey and Sussex (the order of the locations change on a yearly basis). Allocation of pharmacists to sets depends on individual Trusts capacity to release trainees and where possible foundation pharmacist preference.  The eight full-day academic learning sets facilitate the delivery of various learning outcomes as outlined in the foundation stage one syllabus. 

Foundation pharmacists are expected to reflect on any areas of strengths and areas requiring further developments that arise during a learning set via the use of the Individual Feedback Form This form must be shared with your educational supervisor after attendance at a learning set and included in your e-Portfolio.  

Information on the academic element of the course is available on Moodle which is made available to trainees after successful application to the programme. Foundation pharmacists should read the academic handbook and the assessment guide both available on Moodle.