Foundation Programme Details

The HEE LaSE Kent, Surrey and Sussex Foundation Pharmacist Programme is primarily a work-place based programme, academically supported by Medway School of Pharmacy (MSOP) and University of Brighton School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences (UB). The programme is commissioned by Health Education England LaSE Kent, Surrey and Sussex (HEE LaSE KSS) and is available to Foundation Pharmacists employed by NHS Trusts within the region.

The programme was formed in conjunction with the Joint Programmes Board (JPB). The JPB is a consortium of higher education institutions (HEIs) working in collaboration with NHS specialist pharmacy services. The aim of JPB programmes is:

To ensure that the training of pharmacists meets the modern requirements of the NHS to be 'fit for practice' in order to provide consistently high quality patient care.

The programme is developed to last two and a half years. It is divided into two stages:

Foundation Stage 1: the initial stage of the programme aims to develop the basic skills of a foundation pharmacist. It is 18 months in duration focusing on the knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective patient-centred care, taking all aspects of medicines optimisation into consideration.  Academic support is given over eight learning sets and summative assessments. For further information see FS1.

Foundation Stage 2: is divided into two modules of six months. The emphasis on this stage of the programme is to develop a variety of skills required for higher banded positions to aid in career management. For further information see FS2.

An open evening will take place once a year in September/October time for prospective Foundation Pharmacists who want to find out more about the programme. 

There are 3 elements that are vital for Foundation Pharmacists within the programme to develop and achieve their maximum potential:

1.    Foundation Pharmacist Personal skills
The complete HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist programme represents 1200 hours of study (equivalent of >35 hours / month) the majority of this being self-directed learning or private study.  Proactive foundation pharmacists who plan their time, both for private study and within the workplace will gain the most from the programme. Within the course handbook there are hints for getting the most from the workplace and the syllabus (found within the course handbook) has been designed to aid study. Time-management and organisation are vital skills from the onset of this programme.

2.    Workplace development
The development of foundation pharmacists in the programme is within the workplace. There are plenty of opportunities for learning during the foundation pharmacists’ daily practice.  This should be collected in the form of portfolio evidence. To ensure that foundation pharmacists are practicing safely and effectively each one is allocated an educational supervisor, who holistically assesses them to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours within the Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF). 

3.    Academic Facilitation
Learning sets are provided by the Universities, the aim of the learning sets is to refine the knowledge of foundation pharmacists through use of case-based discussions and problem-based learning, via group facilitation. Foundation pharmacists are expected to be prepared for learning sets through self-directed learning and private study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme available to?
To all pharmacists who require foundation training, such as newly qualified pharmacists and pharmacists who have had a prolonged period out of practice.

How much does the HEE LaSE KSS Foundation Pharmacist Programme cost?
The cost of the programme will be covered as part of the Health Education England LaSE Kent, Surrey and Sussex contract with the Universities. There is no direct cost to trainees who are employed by NHS Trusts in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.