Foundation Pharmacists

COVID-19 Update

Covid-19 has had an impact on all educational delivery, especially those courses delivered within Universities, where they are no longer open.

The Pharmacy landscape is changing, and we need to change and develop the traditional education and training models available to support the development of newly qualified pharmacists.

Foundation Pharmacists of the future will need to be developed to provide patient centre services across the Integrated Care System (ICS) whilst preparing them for advancing roles. 

This change is a move away from the current clinical or managerial development within a single sector which our current providers of Foundation Pharmacist programmes deliver.   

London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Initiatives

Across London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex there are an estimated 800 foundation pharmacists working in different roles, across varying sectors of practice and providing a range of patient centred services. 
To prepare the wider system we commissioned three Foundation Pharmacist Pilots and developed a strategy for a future Foundation Pharmacist Programme.

Our strategy for a future Foundation Pharmacist Programme

The HEE London and South East Preparation for Future Foundation Pharmacist Programmes Strategy has three workstreams:


Work stream A: Operationalising the Programme, Scoping


Work Stream B: Work place programmes development


Work Stream C: Developing Educational Infrastructure / Governance

Read more about each workstream below. Organisations who want to be involved in any of the workstreams described below should contact Katie Reygate

Our Pilot Programmes

The purpose of the pilots are  to innovate models of Cross-Sector Foundation Pharmacist Programmes, to evaluate and to learn from each one to support the development of a national programme. There are three pilots currently underway, please read more about these by clicking the buttons below.

North Central London Foundation Pharmacist Programme - trainees will commence this Spring and further details on the programme will be made available later in the year. 

The pilots are supported by an evaluation workstream. The first report developed by the independent research organisation Breaking Blue will be available soon. The learning from the report will shape the national development of foundation pharmacist training and help develop pilots further. 

Workplace programmes development

The workplace programme development aims to streamline education within the workplace and seek opportunities for collaboration and sharing good practice. This workstream is delivered with the support of the Foundation Pharmacist Programme Development Network, and task and finish groups to support niche areas of work e.g. specialist areas. 
Headlines and actions of these workshops can be found by clicking the button below. 
Prioritised projects highlighted from these events, will be facilitated by the team. Examples include:

  • Pharmacy SCRIPT package for Pre-registration and Foundation Pharmacists
  • Development of Foundation Pharmacist Lead Moodle Network (sharing platform)
  • Developing On-call induction / orientation materials
  • Development of a region wide High-risk medicines Trigger List
  • Mental Health Training Pack (including Mental Health SCRIPT)
  • E-portfolio and Hospital Only Foundation Pharmacist Programme open for pilot sites Spring 2020.

Scoping capacity in the system for Foundation Pharmacist Training

It is important to understand the landscape within the region so plans for Foundation Pharmacist Programmes can be appropriately developed.
This workstream looks to develop the picture overall by investigating this at the Integrate Care System (ICS) level. Utilising data and existing networks, it is hoped we can develop understanding of:

  • Numbers of Foundation Pharmacists
  • Current training provision and service delivery
  • Barriers and opportunities in developing ICS wide Foundation Pharmacist Programmes

So far in scoping capacity in the system (reports to be produced in the Spring) interest aspects have been raised regarding succession plans (Pre-registration pharmacist numbers), attrition rates and perceptions on training those changing sectors. 
A survey will be sent to all organisations in spring to accelerate this workstream.  

Developing educational infrastructure

As Foundation Pharmacist Programmes evolve the governance of them will be overseen at a regional level. Within London and the South East, we envisage having a Foundation Board and Educational Programme Directors Networks. 
Whilst the programmes are yet to be established throughout the region, organisations and educational leads can engage with Foundation Pharmacist Programme initiatives via:

  • London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Foundation Pharmacist Vocational Training Scheme Network
  • Foundation Pharmacist Programme Development Network