Who's Who and How to Find Us

Crawley Office

Health Education England
London and South East Pharmacy Team
Crawley Hospital, 3rd Floor, Red Wing
West Green Drive
Crawley, RH11 7DH
Tel: 01293 227141 
Email: lasepharmacy@hee.nhs.uk  

London Office

Health Education England
London and South East Pharmacy Team
Stewart House, 4th Floor
32 Russell Square
London, WC1B 5DN
Tel: 020 7125 7312 
Email: lasepharmacy@hee.nhs.uk

Professional Team


Gail Fleming - Pharmacy Dean

Email: Gail.fleming@hee.nhs.uk

Gail is the Dean for Pharmacy for London and South East and manages the regional HEE Pharmacy team. She is responsible for professional advice and support relating to pharmacy workforce planning, development and transformation across London and the South East. She is also the national lead for the development and implementation of the National Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme for England and Wales. Gail currently represents HEE (London and South East) on the national Workforce 2020 Delivery Group and GP Clinical Pharmacist Delivery Group. She is the HEE Local Office Pharmacy Lead for North London (Central and East).

Gail has other roles as an accreditation team member for MPharm programmes with the GPhC and as external examiner on the 5 year Integrated MPharm degree at the University of Nottingham.
Mob: 07717 320363  


Liz Fidler - Associate Head of Pharmacy

Email: Liz.fidler@hee.nhs.uk

Liz is the Associate Head of Pharmacy  and local office lead for Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  

Liz is also the Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacy Technician Training Programme Director and is responsible for leading the strategy for education and training of Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Assistants to support the HEE mandate and local workforce transformation.
Liz works 4 days a week.
Mob: 07795 616861


Nichola Baker - Pharmacy Programme Facilitator (Supervision)

Email: Nichola.baker@hee.nhs.uk

Nichola works within the pre-registration pharmacist team to contribute to the design and delivery of the regional pre-registration pharmacist training programme. Nichola leads on Educational Supervisor Training, working with the Pharmacy Training Company to deliver a flexible, online training package for pharmacy educational supervisors. Nichola also leads on ensuring a full data set is established for hospital pre-registration pharmacists with respect to registration assessment attainment and first point destination upon registration. Nichola leads on organising support for  hospital pre-registration pharmacists unsuccessful in the June GPhC registration assessment. 
Nichola works full time and is based in the London office. Nichola is covering for Samantha Hlambelo who is currently on maternity leave. 
Mob: 07824 383339


Laura McEwen-Smith - Pharmacy Programme Facilitator (Primary Care Development)

Email: Laura.mcewen-smith@hee.nhs.uk

Laura is one of the Pharmacy Programme Facilitators in the team, working on primary care development.  Laura’s role involves overseeing the delivery of a portfolio of programmes and interventions on behalf of the Pharmacy leadership team, as well as providing professional expertise to support pre-registration training delivery.  In addition, Laura is currently undertaking a part-time secondment as an Education Fellow with Birmingham University, evaluating the national pre-registration pharmacist recruitment scheme.
Mob: 07500 765608


Marc Miell - Lead Pharmacist, Quality Enhancement

Email: Marc.miell@hee.nhs.uk

Marc is Lead Pharmacist for Quality Enhancement for London and South East. He is responsible for providing professional leadership at pharmacy quality visits and leading on the review of Pharmacy Local Faculty Groups across London and South East. Marc is also working on the development of quality managing community pharmacy pre-registration places and leading on establishing a programme of GP pre-registration pharmacist placements across London and South East. Marc is also working on aligning the LaSE pharmacy workforce group with Local Workforce Action Boards, STPs, HEE local offices and pharmacy stakeholder groups.

Marc works alternate Wednesdays and all day Thursday and Friday with the HEE LaSE Pharmacy team. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Marc is in his practice role as Lead Clinical Advice Pharmacist at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.
Mob: 07500 765674


Sarah Purdy - Pharmacy Programme Facilitator (Trainee Voice)

Email: Sarah.purdy@hee.nhs.uk

Sarah works within the team as one of the pharmacy programme facilitators to deliver training events and design e-learning modules for our pre-regs. Sarah leads on the strategy to ensure that there is a strong pre-registration pharmacist trainee voice as well as the regional management and provision of resources to support pre-registration trainee pharmacist audits. Sarah works within the team two days per week and also works for the GPhC. Sarah works for the HEE LaSE Pharmacy Team on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Mob: 07464 980574


Fiona Rees - Pharmacy Programme Facilitator (Assessment)

Email: Fiona.rees@hee.nhs.uk

Fiona works within the pre-registration pharmacist team to deliver the training events and design e-learning modules for our pre-regs, leading on OSCE, clinical pharmacy and calculation aspects of the programme. She also leads on assessment strategy across our LaSE pharmacy programmes. Fiona works for the HEE LaSE Pharmacy Team on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In addition she also works as a Specialist Cancer Services pharmacist on the other three days for Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and is a member of the GPhC standard setting panel for the pre-registration pharmacist assessment.
Mob: 07779 349795


Katie Reygate - Foundation Pharmacist Training Programme Director

Email: katie.reygate@hee.nhs.uk 

Katie is responsible for leading the strategy for education and training of Foundation Pharmacists to support the HEE mandate and local workforce transformation. This includes developing an infrastructure to support workplace learning, leading on the quality management of Foundation Pharmacists and programme managing local Vocational Training Scheme pilots.

Katie leads the strategy to optimise safe prescribing throughout London and SE. She chairs the Prescribing Assessment Group (PAG) which is carried out on induction on all newly qualified South Thames Foundation School doctors. Katie manages the regional independent and supplementary non-medical prescribing programmes contracts.

Katie works full time and is based in Crawley.
Tel: 01293 227131
Mob: 07711 466766


Atif Shamim - Lead Pharmacist, Community and Primary Care

Email: Atif.shamim@hee.nhs.uk  

Atif’s role as Lead Pharmacist involves supporting community pharmacy workforce planning and development and helping to establish multi-professional collaborative working across primary care, with a particular focus on establishing innovative projects across the region. One of these projects is the CEPN Pharmacy Project, which facilitates placements of community pharmacy trainees in GP surgeries, and GP trainees in community pharmacies. 
Atif is the local office lead for South London. 
Mob: 07500 765642


Rachel Stretch - Pre-registration Pharmacist Training Programme Director

Email: Rachel.stretch@hee.nhs.uk

As Pre-registration Pharmacist Training Programme Director for London and the South East, Rachel’s responsibilities include leading and implementing a strategy for pre-registration pharmacist education and training. Her role includes contributing to the HEE Pharmacy Education Reforms national programme, supporting the recruitment and selection of pre-registration pharmacists, managing the HEE LaSE pre-registration pharmacist regional programme, developing and implementing recommendations with regards to early years training for pharmacists and supporting pre-registration pharmacist educational supervisors and education programme directors through the leadership and facilitation of networks.
Rachel is the deputy local office lead for North London (Central and East).
Rachel is based in the London office and works Monday to Thursday
Mob: 07824 384170


Tracey Tisley - Pharmacy Technician Training Facilitator

Email: Tracey.tisley@hee.nhs.uk

Tracey leads on the delivery of the pharmacy technician Accreditations and the Medicines Optimisation Programme and works Monday - Thursday
Mob: 07741 238699


Stephen-Andrew Whyte - Urgent Care Lead

Email: Stephen.whyte@hee.nhs.uk

Stephen is responsible for leading on Urgent and Emergency Care, exploring workforce development initiatives that make better use of pharmacy teams in keeping with recommendations of the Five Year Forward View. In addition, Stephen is a Clinical Fellow in Urgent and Acute Care in North West London with clinical and workforce development commitments. Stephen is based in the London office and works part-time on Thursdays and Fridays.
Mob: 07825 902305

Business and Administration Team


Wendi Lee - Business Manager

Email: Wendi.lee@hee.nhs.uk

Wendi supports Gail and Liz and all team members to ensure all aspects of the business plan are managed and planned in a cost effective way. She takes the lead in assisting in the successful delivery of business objectives. Wendi manages internal and external communications, leads on managing the commissioned trainee funding and is involved in the Pre-reg recruitment work stream.

Tel: 01293 227141 
Mob: 07788 415732


Heather Haynes - Project Support Officer

Email: Heather.haynes@hee.nhs.uk 

Heather is a Project Support Officer, she leads on the e-learning design and technology for all of our programmes and is the business team lead for e-Portfolio. She also leads on the design of all our promotional materials. Heather provides project support for aspects of the pre-registration trainee pharmacist programme and other projects within the team.
Tel: 01293 227108 


Deborah O'Dell - Administrator

Email: Deborah.odell@hee.nhs.uk

Deborah is a part-time administrator for the Medicines Optimisation Programme and the ACPT assessments. Her days in the office are Monday to Thursday.
Tel: 01293 227122 


Jaime Wright - Project Support Officer

Email: Jaime.wright@hee.nhs.uk 

Jaime provides project support for the Pre-Registration Pharmacist programme and provides operational support on other projects within the team. Jaime is responsible for  leading on managing data  and the operation of the London office. He also provides support to Gail Fleming, Dean of Pharmacy and Liz Fidler, Associate Head of Pharmacy.
Tel: 020 7125 7312