Pre-registration Pharmacist National Recruitment
Employer Programme Information for Oriel 10 Plus Programmes

Please complete the below online form by the deadline of 28th February 2020 to register to participate in the 2020 (2021 intake)  National Recruitment Scheme via Oriel and to provide employer information required. Please ensure you have read and agree to and abide by the Confirmation of Participation and the HEE Quality Framework (or equivalent for employers in Wales) for pre-registration training prior to completing the form as you will be asked to tick the box to agree to this upon submission of the form. This form must be completed in one attempt.

This form is to be used for any community employer who are recruiting to 10 or more programmes within Oriel and would like to submit their employer programme information via an excel spreadsheet. Please download the excel spreadsheet template available and complete the information required using the validation fields available. Please note there is a 950  character limit required for the Programme Description field. Please do not use any formatting or bullets in the excel spreadsheet.

If you participated in the recruitment process via the Oriel system in 2019 and want to review your employer entry from last year, please download the excel spreadsheet available on this page. If you are new to the process for this year and want examples of what to include within the programme description, this is available on the spreadsheet.

If you require technical support regarding the completion of the online form, please contact us below and ensure you leave a telephone number in case we need to call you back. We will endeavour to respond to you within 72 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

This form should be used by any community pharmacy employer who is recruiting to 10 or more programmes.
Please download and complete the excel spreadsheet TEMPLATE available above with the employer programme information, zip the file and upload it at the bottom of this form.

Lead Employer and Contact Details

Please complete the following information which should be the Lead Employer. If part of a group this is the group name, if there is a holding company this is the company name t/a the branch name(s).
If you recruited via Oriel in 2019 and nothing has changed, the Lead Employer name is available to choose from the drop down below. If you are a new employer to the scheme or an existing employer who has changed names please choose other and complete the New Employer Name field underneath.

Please note the Contact details are for the Employer Information provided and not for the entire Recruitment process. If you are a new employer you will be contacted by the National Recruitment Office regarding additional contacts.

New Employer Name
Primary Contact First name
Primary Contact Surname
Primary Contact Email
Primary Contact Number
Head Office Address
Head Office Town
Head Office County
Head Office Postcode

Employer Programme Information Upload

Please confirm the number of programmes you are recruiting to and upload your zipped excel file below. If you have more than 500 programmes, please submit an additional form(s)

Attach Zip excel spreadsheet here

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the National Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme, we ask that all employers abide by our Terms of Participation. These are clearly detailed on our website.
To confirm your participation and agreement to abide by these terms you agree that:

• You have read, understood and will abide by the full Terms of Participation
• For posts advertised via the Scheme, you will not recruit a Pre-registration Pharmacist for those same posts outside of the Scheme unless you have been informed by the Recruitment Team in December that the posts have not been filled.
• You will honour the advertised salary and contracted hours as displayed in your Oriel programme information.
• You will pay at least the minimum salary for entry to the Scheme, which is £14,014 for a 35-hour week, adjusted for actual hours worked.
• If you are an employer advertising as a Tier 2 sponsor, you will pay at least the salary, and the hours of work, stipulated by the Government at the time of employment.
• The advertised salary will not be subject to further deductions upon payment to the trainee (such as, for example, charging the trainee for external training provision payments).
• You will provide interview panel members when requested for the Multiple Mini Interviews held at selection centres each September.
• You will not withdraw programmes from the Scheme once advertised in June.
• You will accept the candidate recruited via the Scheme, subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks.

I agree to abide by the Terms of Participation