Confirmation of Participation Terms

Guidance for Employer Participation in the Recruitment Scheme

Employers will provide interview panel members for the multiple mini interviews held at the selection centres proportionate to the numbers of trainees.*

Panel members will be required to complete all relevant recruitment training e.g. E&D, panel member training.

Employers will provide detailed programme information as per agreed data collection template.

Employers will not withdraw programmes from the scheme once advertised in June. (Employers will be requested to finalise their programme numbers in May.)

All applicants will be recruited in accordance with the nationally agreed person specification.

Applicants will be offered programmes based on their preference and rank following the selection process.

Subject to standard pre-employment checks employers will accept the applicants allocated to them.

Employers will accept responsibility for the applicants allocated to them.

Some programmes require trainees to work across multiple practice settings sometimes with multiple employers. In these situations we require one lead employer to be identified who we will work with.  It is the responsibility of the lead employer to work with and share information with other employers on the same programme. This information will include, but is not restricted to, trainee details, advertising information and programme details. 

Employers will be responsible for undertaking pre-employment checks (as per NHS Employers guidance) and for issuing appropriate contracts of employment.

Employers will be responsible for immigration related checks/ appropriate visa sponsorship.

Employers and panel members will engage in the evaluation process.

Employers must be registered with the GPhC as an approved pre-registration training site. 

Health Education England Quality Framework for pre-registration training

It is important that all employers within the scheme are committed to providing a high quality training experience. For this reason we will require employers who sign up to commit to complying with the following:

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS) for the preregistration pharmacist.

All preregistration pharmacists to complete Equality & Diversity , Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children and  Information Governance training appropriate to the role being undertaken.

All trainees will work to an approved GPhC Preregistration Pharmacist Training Plan. Employers should offer a training plan that is mapped to the performance standards and delivers the section 10 outcomes from the future pharmacist standards. 

All trainees and their tutors will sign a GPhC Learning Agreement

All preregistration tutors must comply with the GPhC Tutor Guidance*

All  preregistration pharmacists will be provided  with dedicated time each week for development e.g. study day, intra- and interprofessional development, shadowing and reflection

The employer must have undertaken a patient satisfaction survey or in patient survey (or equivalent, as relevant to the patient care setting)  in the last 12 months.

Compliance with these requirements will be monitored by Health Education England through its quality management procedures. Failure to comply may result in an employer being withdrawn from the scheme in subsequent years.

*For further information on local preregistration pharmacist tutor training programmes, please contact your local Health Education England Pharmacy Lead.

What the Health Education England National Recruitment Office will be responsible for:

Management of applications via the national recruitment system (Oriel)

Confirmation of eligibility of applicants through the longlisting process                                                           

Management of interview/assessment centres

Panel training and guidance

Applicant communications

Management of offers to applicants

Release of successful applicant information to employers

Evaluation of the recruitment process

HEE cannot guarantee that all programmes advertised will be filled**.

** Please note that all unfilled hospital programmes will be left vacant however community employers are able to re-advertise their programmes at their own discretion.