Employer Registration and Programme Information for Oriel

The deadline for employers to register to recruit via Oriel and submit
programme information for the 2020-21 cohort was 11:59pm Friday 1st March 2019

Using the employer guidance handbook and referring to the Do's and Don'ts below, please complete the online form (link below) by the deadline of 1st March 2019 to register to participate in the 2019 (2020 intake) National Recruitment Scheme via Oriel and to provide employer information required. Please ensure you have read and agree to, and abide by, the Confirmation of Participation and the HEE Quality Framework (or equivalent for employers in Wales) for pre-registration training prior to completing the form as you will be asked to tick the box to agree to this upon submission of the form. This form must be completed in one attempt.

If you participated in the recruitment process via the Oriel system in 2018 and want to review your employer entry from last year, please download the excel spreadsheet available on this page. If you are new to the process for this year and want examples of what to include within the programme description, this is available on the spreadsheet.

Do's and Don'ts for completing the online form and participation in the scheme


If you are an existing employer, please check the employer programme details 2018 spreadsheet for the information you submitted last year as this will help you complete the 2019 online form

Ensure you complete every field on the form, each field is mandatory and by the deadline of 1st March 2019.

Check you choose the correct region in the first place, the form is designed to progressively filter based on your selections

Complete one online form per programme, if you are an existing employer and have a new programme to add, choose the ‘other’ options available to enter in new information.

If you plan to advertise 10 or more programmes, please use the option of submitting an excel spreadsheet via the correct online form

Ensure your programme description is limited to 950 characters including spaces, we suggest you write this in MS Office Word and check the character count.

If you plan to provide a tier 2 sponsorship, check the home office website for up to date information on minimum salary requirements.

When entering the placement information, most are 1 placement for 12 months unless you offer split placements of more than 3 months each so choose the right option for your programme

Read the Confirmation of Participation terms and check the box to agree to signing up to recruiting via the National Pre-registration Recruitment Scheme.

Regularly check your emails in the few weeks after the closing date of 1st March in case your regional  pharmacy team needs to clarify any of the programme information you have submitted



Leave completion of the form until the last minute, late submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances


Rush when completing the form, please choose the drop down options carefully to ensure the correct options follow


Exceed the 950 character count


Once you have agreed to recruit via the National Pre-registration Recruitment Scheme and confirmed final numbers in May, don’t recruit outside of this process until all applicant details have been released to you in December.

PRP Recruitment online form 2019

This form is for the majority of employers to use, complete one form per programme you wish to advertise.

Registration is now CLOSED

For larger community pharmacy employers who have 10 or more programmes, please see the page below for more information and to use the excel spreadsheet template.

Registration is now CLOSED

If you require technical support regarding the completion of the online form, please contact us below and ensure you leave a telephone number in case we need to call you back. We will endeavour to respond to you within 72 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays)