Preferencing Pre-registration Pharmacist Programmes

What is preferencing?

Preferencing is the process by which you choose and rank the programmes that you are interested in applying for through the Oriel system.

There are over 1300 programmes being recruited to, so it is extremely important that you give yourself enough time to review and think about what type of programme you are interested in undertaking and where it is.
IMPORTANT: All programme information can be viewed from 1 June 2017. You will be able to actively preference programmes as part of your application during the application window (31 July – 21 August 2017).

We strongly recommend that you start reviewing programmes before you start your application. You may also wish to undertake some research such as visiting employer websites or attending open days. Links to the
websites for all employers offering training programmes as part of the recruitment process will be available as part of the programme information with Oriel. We have also listed all the programmes and employers in a Microsoft Excel Work Book which you can access from our Programme and Employer Details page. 

More information about how to preference is in the applicant handbook under section 4 plus watch the easy to follow 'How to Preference' video available below. 

Programme Information

Every programme being recruited to through the recruitment process will be listed in the preferencing section of the application. Programmes will be displayed as preference codes and will be presented in the following way; the T2 represents those employers who are able to offer Tier 2 sponsorship:
Employername/county/0001 or Employername/county/T2/0002

Preference Categories

The preference section of the application form presents you with three categories which you are able to move your preferences between; preference, no preference and not wanted. 

When you first look at the preferencing section of your application all of the programmes listed will sit within the No Preference category.

Preference: This is the category you should move all of the programmes you would actively like to be considered for. You will need to rank all of the programmes you move into this category starting with the number 1. This number indicates the order in which you would like the programme to be considered. If you are unable to rank programmes, leave them in the no preference section.

No Preference: All of the programmes will initially sit in this category. This will mean that you are willing to accept any of these programmes should you not be successful in being offered any of your positively preferenced programmes. They will not be offered to you in any set order as they are not ranked in this section. If there are programmes which you are most interested in, you are advised to rank these within the Preference category.

Not Wanted: This is the category you should move all of the programmes you are not willing to accept. You will never be made an offer to any of the programmes you move into this category after you have submitted your preferences.

IMPORTANT: You may have as many programmes in each category as you wish however we actively encourage you to preference a minimum of 30 to increase your chances of being made an offer,

Watch the 'How to Preference' video