Pharmacy Employers and Programme Detail Information

UPDATED 22/08/17

The application window is now closed. The next step in the process following long listing is to book your interview slot for the selection centre. All eligible applicants will choose the date, time and venue of their choice via the Oriel system. This opens on 25th August and  will be on a first come first served basis. You can choose any venue and this does not have to be within the region you may wish to work. 
The final list of employers and programme information in excel format can be found below. 

There are 260 community employers, 170 NHS employers and over 1300 programmes being recruited to so it is extremely important that you spend time looking at all the different employing organisations and the programmes they are offering. To support you with viewing this information, please download the Microsoft Excel work book below. There are two tabs, one which lists all the pharmacy employers and one which lists all the programme information which is available on Oriel but in a format which you can filter more easily and manipulate the data to help you with your preferencing.