Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) conducted at regional HEE centres

The Pre-Registration Pharmacist Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) has been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts. Exercises may include scenario based questions, reflection on past experiences and problem solving. Exercises are reflective of the role of a Pre-Registration Pharmacist and are fair to ask all applicants.

The MMI section of the selection process will last approximately 40 minutes and will consist of six exercises with each exercise measuring different attributes from within the Pre-Registration Pharmacist Professional Attributes Framework. 

The six exercises will be undertaken across three rooms, with two exercises sat one after another in the same room. Each exercise will be five minutes in length with three minutes preparation time before entering each room. Within the three minutes, you will be provided with information to help you to prepare for the first exercise you will complete when entering each room. After completing that exercise, you will move straight onto the second exercise within that room which does not require any preparation ahead of it.

Each room will have two assessing panel members within it, at least one of whom will be a pharmacist. Lay representatives may be in attendance for quality assurance purposes.

IMPORTANT: You may not make notes during the three minutes preparation time before going into any of the MMI stations.

The details of the MMI Selection Centres for 2020 will be updated  and added to this page during the coming months.  

MMI Room Layout

The graphic below is an example of how the Multiple Mini-Interviews will run. 


A past behavioural interview question is where an applicant will be asked to draw upon their previous experience to answer a question e.g. ‘Tell me about a time you have worked successfully in a team’.