Early Careers

What is an Early Careers Pharmacist

Early Careers refers to initial period where pharmacists begin their professional development journey in practice, this includes the Foundation Training Year (previously known as the pre-registration year) and post-registration period until they develop their skills prior to advance practice. Information for the Foundation Training Year (formally known as the Pre-registration Training) can be found here

How will this work impact me? And how can I get involved?

The changes to the training of pharmacists will impact all stakeholders. A key component of the early careers programme will be stakeholder engagement to ensure changes are clearly articulated and issues / risk / concerns and lessons learnt from stakeholders can be cascaded and actioned.
To get involved you can:

Keep an eye out for updates direct from the LaSE email (for existing stakeholders)

Attend stakeholder engagement events, run by the HEE LaSE team or locally via our Early Careers Training Programme Directors.

Look out for “Early careers updates” from HEE LaSE team members at meetings and events.

Get in touch directly via our enquiry form

Why have HEE LaSE created an Early Careers programme of work?

The landscape of early years pharmacist training is changing dramatically, most notably The NHS People Plan cited the transformation in early careers pharmacy education and training as being critical in the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The pandemic and the associated impact pharmacists have had on delivery care has accelerated the pace of the reform, which aims to shorten the time it takes for pharmacists to become prescribers by increasing the amount of experiential learning throughout the undergraduate degree and transforming the pre-registration year into foundation practice.

The reform is being led by the GPHC with HEE playing a key role in year 5 and defining how the transition years will be implemented through using learning from other professions and the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme (IFPP). The drivers and the context of the future of the reforms are summarised in two letters published this summer:

the joint letter from HEE and NHS E/I on 23rd July

the joint letter from the GPhC and the Chief Pharmaceutical Officers on the 28th July

HEE Pharmacy Deans letter 9th April on the revised standards for the Initial education and training of pharmacists

To ensure the region successfully implements the changes required, HEE LaSE has developed the early careers programme. The programme brings together under one umbrella the Foundation Training Year (formally known as pre-registration) and the post-registration programmes.


What is the purpose of the Early Careers Programme?


Implement Foundation Training Year (formally pre-registration training) for 2021 and work with stakeholders to inform the national transitional plan to deliver the new initial education and training standards and learning outcomes in the region.


Develop an understanding of how post registration training needs are changing throughout the transition, to ensure the early careers workforce is developing the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to provide high quality care and to support learners as they develop towards advanced practice.

To support the system change HEE LaSE, in collaboration with NHS Partners, have created Early Careers Training Programme Directors (TPD) roles linked to each Integrate Care System (ICS). The TPDs will be developing wider education networks at ICS to enable local collaboration and innovation. The TPDs are part of the HEE LaSE team, and report into the governance system which includes a newly created HEE LaSE Early Careers Steering Group.

For more information on your local Early Careers Training Programme Directors can be found here.


Early Careers Updates and Events

The HEE LaSE team members will be running events to update and engage stakeholders on the work being undertaken.

There are 3 key areas that we aim to explore with stakeholders:


Orientation to the learning outcomes and requirements of the 2021/2022 Foundation Training Year


Exploring the journey to the implementation of the full Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacy


Understand the impact of changes on the post-registration training and requirements.

We aim to develop wider education networks at Integrate Care System Level to enable local collaboration and innovations in these areas and beyond, which will be facilitated by Early Careers Training Programme Directors.


Early Careers Training Programme Directors (EC TPD)

HEE LaSE recognise that to ensure successful delivery of these changes by organisations, there is a need for additional HEE ‘on the ground’ support at individual ICS level and have created, in collaboration with NHS Partners, the Early Careers TPD roles to support this.
They will work as part of the HEE Early Careers workstreams and will have 4 key areas of work as part of the role:


Support IET changes and early careers reforms: They will work at ICS level across key pharmacy sectors to engage with and assist EPDs, clinical supervisors, organisations and ICS workforce leads with development of pharmacy early careers training.


Developing E&T networks and communities of practices across all pharmacy sectors: In addition, EC TPDs will support the development of networks and communities of practice both within and across pharmacy sectors at ICS level.


Engage with ICS Workforce workstream and Training hubs leads to support innovation in early careers pharmacist training to meet workforce needs and service requirements.


Point of Contact for ICS training leads: EC TPDs will act as a point of contact and as a mechanism to ensure early escalation of concerns, issues, or risks to HEE LaSE Team.