Management of the Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacist Programme

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The PRP Programme Board is responsible for all aspects associated with the HEE London and South East pre-registration pharmacist programme to meet the need of the local workforce and employers. This includes ensuring the programme meets employer and trainee needs, capacity and capability of Educational Supervisors (Tutors) and quality assurance of the overall programme. The Board will have a strategic role in developing the programme to be fit for future eg. Preparing for the introduction of an integrated undergraduate/ preregistration programme.

Roles and Responsibilities of HEE London and South East Pharmacy

Co-ordinate the planning and allocation of pre-registration training posts to NHS hospitals within the region.

Co-ordinate the marketing and recruitment into NHS pre-registration posts in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex

Organise, deliver and evaluate a programme of regional courses and on-line learning to supplement pre-registration training at base.

Produce a range of learning resources to support pre-registration training and to ensure that trainees have access to other suitable materials e.g. CPPE packs.

Formatively assess the clinical competence of pre-registration trainee pharmacists.

Train and support pre-registration trainee pharmacist education and practice supervisors.

Offer pastoral support and remediation to trainees requiring additional support.

Make recommendations for pre-registration rotations.

Quality manage pre-registration training.