Regional Pre-registration Training

Welcome to your pre-registration training

You are joining the NHS at an exciting time. The NHS is changing, there is;

a greater focus on joined up care across the healthcare system with more care delivered closer to home

an increasing focus on prevention as well as the treatment of illnesses

a need to use medicines more judiciously, to improve health and wellbeing, whilst minimising the risks of harm

a drive to include people in the decisions made about their treatment

an even greater requirement for all healthcare professionals to work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver the best outcomes for patients

a requirement for all healthcare professionals to utilise all their knowledge, skills and potential to provide the highest level of care for their populations

There are three parts to the regional programme:

On-line learning via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (Moodle), including calculations practice and registration assessment style questions. Some items will be essential and required to be completed and others can be completed if you wish to further your knowledge, or if a gap in knowledge is identified. A supplement to this handbook will be provided in August, to accompany log-in details for the VLE which will detail on-line learning, when each piece will be made available plus guided learning hours for each, to assist you and your employer to plan. You will be provided with a proportionate amount of protected time within your working hours to complete essential items of regional on-line learning.

Face to face learning such as first aid training. Further information is provided on pages 21 and 22 of your handbook available to download from this web page. The dates and location of face to face learning provision will be provided in due course. Any supplementary learning to be completed beforehand will be communicated to you in advance.

Assessments intended to support workplace decision making about your progress and performance throughout the pre-registration year. These assessments are formative (developmental) and are intended to aid identification of gaps in knowledge and skills. Further details are provided on pages 23 and 24 of your handbook.

Impact of COVID-19 on training programmes

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted both local and regional educational provision and employers and training sites had to rapidly make adjustments to their practice and therefore to their pre-registration training programmes. Whilst this meant that some trainees had certain rotations shortened or cancelled, the majority were able to achieve most, if not all of the expected outcomes of their programmes. 

The impact of COVID-19 on the remainder of 2020 is unknown. Throughout the year as professionals we will all need to adapt according to the situation we are faced with. This may mean that training programmes need to be changed, that specific elements may not be able to be delivered as expected or that trainees are less able to interact face to face with patients. 

Employers are expected to make every effort to deliver the best learning experience for trainees whilst managing staff and patient safety alongside service delivery, and trainees are expected to recognise that these are unprecedented times and that there may be no choice in making adaptations to training programmes.