Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacists

This is the London and South East region Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacist information page. Within this page you will find links to our training programme for the 2017-18 intake of trainees who will be starting their placements in July and August 2017. 

The recruitment process for the 2018 intake is now open, further information is available via the National Recruitment page and on the Oriel Recruitment Portal system

Employer Profile Booklets

To support students with their preferencing choices as part of the application process within Oriel, we have produced the following employer profile booklets divided into HEE’s local offices. Please note that the versions below have since be updated since the hard copy versions which were available at our Open Day on 15th June. The latest versions below now include employer profiles for Day Lewis Pharmacy and Kamsons Pharmacy with profiles in each of the relevant booklets.