Welcome to your Pre-registration Pharmacist Year 2019 - 20

Congratulations on securing an NHS Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacist placement within our region. We hope you are ready to start with your Trust over the next few weeks and are looking forward to your working year ahead!  We, Health Education England London and South East Pharmacy Team, are here to support you throughout your year and we provide a number of training courses and assessments to further compliment the practical experience you will gain within your organisation. Below you will find the two key documents as mentioned in your welcome email, these are the Handbook and Survival Guide. In addition to these and over the next few weeks, we will also email an e-portfolio handbook which will further support you throughout your year.
Please use the buttons below to access the information referred to in the email you have received from us.

Introduction Event - 6th or 7th August 2019

We will email you details on the above event 2 weeks before the day.

Trainee Change Form

If we have emailed you at your University email address, please complete our change form with a personal email address we can use throughout your year. This form should also be used anytime during the year to inform us of any changes, particularly if you have placements of 3 months or more.

Pre-reg Survival Guide

This guide has been written by past Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists who have shared their valuable words of wisdom, hints and tips. Read through this resource as you start your pre-reg year for some helpful information from people who have completed the pre-reg year.

Pre-reg Handbook 2019 - 20

You will receive an email with a copy of the handbook attached, alternatively you can also download a copy below. 

Trainee Representatives

We are very keen to hear the views of our trainees throughout the pre-registration year. We appoint Trainee Representatives to give the opportunity to have your opinions heard. 
The Trainee Representative will act as your voice; they will gather any feedback that you wish to pass on to the regional team, and will be one of the routes through which we provide information to you. For more information on this role please use the below button. Applications for the Trainee rep role closes on 31st July.