Prescribing Initiatives

The safe prescribing programme ran from October 2013 to June 2016. Within the programme many work streams lead to initiatives that are now part of business as usual or innovative work that has led to publications or changed the way we work.

Commissioning Non-Medical Prescribing

Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex commission the provision of Non-Medical Prescribing training within the region. Places on these programmes are funded and available to all staff working within Kent Surrey and Sussex providing NHS services to patients where non-medical prescribing is appropriate to their role.

Information on the courses and application can be found on the NMP Fact Sheet.

Safe Prescribing Programme

Prescribing Safety Assessment Trial in Pharmacy

In 2015 and 2016 HEE has trialled the use of the PSA in final year MPharm students and preregistration pharmacists in a small number of pharmacy schools and preregistration training regions. The 2015 and 2016 summary reports are available to download below. In 2017 a much larger sample of 9 pharmacy schools and 9 preregistration training regions will utilise the assessment. This includes 60 hospital preregistration pharmacists from within the London and South East region.

Improving prescribing practices through training and assessment of prescribers on induction

The Prescribing Assessment Group a multi-disciplinary group consisting of prescribing leads, doctors and trainee representatives, have successfully implemented a prescribing assessment to all newly appointed Foundation Doctors with Trusts in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and South London. This work stream improves the prescribing practices of foundation doctors using a holistic approach including;

  • The provision of baseline prescribing safety training on induction
  • Identification of foundation doctors with weaker prescribing competence
  • Provision of timely feedback and individualised intensive support
  • prescribing support provided by pharmacists
  • Continual prescribing training throughout the year utilising SCRIPT e-learning platform
  • Performance feed back by prescribing leads into foundation Local Faculty Groups

Results of the assessment have been shared with medical schools to guide improvements in undergraduate teaching of prospective foundation doctors. The project has been presented at various national conferences such as the UKCPA (UK Clinical Pharmacist Association), Health Education England’s North West London Primary Care Educator Conference, and the South Thames Foundation School Faculty Briefing, as well as to an international audience at the Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy Conference. 

The research within this work stream has won the HEE Chair’s award for Research and won the UKCPA Education and Training award. Information on the assessment and the SCRIPT e-learning tool can be found on the South Thames Foundation School site

Increasing the use of e-learning to support the training and continued professional development of prescribers

There is a shortage of Continual Professional Development training for non-medical prescribers in Prescribing and Therapeutics. After the successful implementation of the SCRIPT electronic platform for foundation doctors HEE decided to run a pilot to investigate if SCRIPT is a suitable platform for providing Continuing Professional Development in the areas of Prescribing and Therapeutics for prescribers (both Medical and Non-medical Prescribers) and those supporting prescribers, such as pharmacists.

The results of the pilot can be found in the report below. It was decided from the report not to commission SCRIPT for use. Please page 10 of the report for further information.

E-Prescribing: Support Trusts to implement and utilise e-prescribing systems to reduce errors

In 2015 Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey and Sussex  commissioned a report to investigate the types of support offered to newly employed prescribers to orientate them to the electronic prescribing systems available, including lessons learnt from trusts who have implemented electronic prescribing in regards to error rates and prescriber training.  The work was undertaken by Dr Sarah Slight of Durham University. The executive summary and full report can be found below.

For further information on the Safe Prescribing Project please contact The LaSE Pharmacy Team