Aspiring Pharmacy Services Leaders Programme 2017    

Aspiring Pharmacy Services Leaders Programme

The Aspiring Pharmacy Services Leaders Programme has been developed in response to a need for a pharmacy specific course to compliment the available Leadership resources from the Leadership Academy and other training providers.

The course has these general aims: 

  • To develop the understanding of the wider NHS drivers for pharmacy and medicines management and how these should impact on strategy at a local level.
  • To encourage the use of research and effective evaluation in developing pharmacy services.
  • To expose senior pharmacy staff to a range of role models.
  • To encourage senior pharmacy staff to have effective personal development plans and portfolios of practice.
Please register your interest for this course using the on-line form below. You will need to arrange to get a supporting reference from your Chief Pharmacist and upload this when you complete the form. 

Structure of the course

The course will consist of 5 contact days spread over 7 months. The contact days will be held in March, May, June and September with days 1 and 2  a residential event. All days will be held in London and the South East area and you are expected to attend all days i.e. it is not possible to pick and choose which to come to. 

Before most days there will be preparatory work and participants must come to the days ready to interact and with a basic theoretical/practical knowledge of the subject. The majority of study day speakers will be Chief Pharmacists.


During the course, all participants will complete a project in the workplace which focuses on one of the key themes of the course.  This project must contribute to current service delivery or development and should form part of participants' day to day work rather than taking lots of 'out of work' time although some aspects of writing up will need to be undertaken in participants' own time therefore you will need to be in a role which allows this to occur. 
You will be expected to present this project as a poster and a verbal presentation on day 5 of the course.

Participants will develop a portfolio of their development over the duration of the course which will be achieved through reflective practice using the Advanced Pharmacy Framework or other appropriate framework which will be reviewed by the mentor at 3 and 6 months and reviewed by a member of the course board on day 5 of the course.


Certificates of course attendance will be issued upon satisfactory completion of all course activities i.e. the work-based project and the portfolio.

Target Audience

The course is targeted at senior pharmacy staff employed by prisons, social enterprises, primary care organisations or acute and mental health trusts. Our recommendation is that you are employed at a minimum of band 8A for pharmacists and band 7 for pharmacy technicians and have the experience to gain maximum benefit from the course. You should also ensure that you are able to undertake the practice activities in the workplace. It would not normally be suitable for pharmacy staff who already have an academic management qualification.

Participants should have:

  • Service or line management responsibilities
  • Already undertaken basic managerial training
  • Completed or be undertaking the ‘Edward Jenner” Leadership Course from the NHS Leadership Academy or other suitable first-line leadership training
  • Have a personal development plan which recognises the need to understand the wider contexts within the NHS and how the drivers for change impact on pharmacy and medicines management
  • Support from their Chief Pharmacist to attend. The role of the Chief Pharmacist is crucial in supporting participants. Participants must be allowed the opportunity and be supported to undertake practice activities and encouraged to reflect on their day to day activities and management within the department and organisation
  • Agreed an appropriate mentor who will facilitate and supervise practice activities associated with the programme. An appropriate mentor should be either the participant’s Chief Pharmacist or another Senior Manager from within the Pharmacy Team

Student Support

Each participant on the course should have the active encouragement and backing from their Chief Pharmacist and a named mentor.  An effective mentor and support in the workplace is fundamental to participants developing their skills during this course. Please review the learning agreement with your proposed mentor prior to applying for the course. 

The mentor is expected to meet with the participant regularly and document their progression which should be submitted at 3 and 6 months. 
They should actively support the participant to complete their project. Participants and mentors will be provided with a course handbook which provides information on recommended work-based activities and course work and includes a learning contract which should form part of the portfolio. 

How to apply and key dates

Once you are satisfied this course is for you and you have agreed attendance with your line manager and Chief Pharmacist complete the on-line form below.  Places are limited and participants will be selected on the basis of a clearly defined project, mentor support, achieving a balance between primary and secondary care and giving priority to those who have a higher level of current management responsibility.  

12th Dec 2016
Application Deadline
13th Jan 2017
Applicants shortlisted by LaSE
27th Jan 2017
Participants confirmed
1st and 2nd Mar 2017 
Days 1 and 2 residential
23rd May 2017
Day 3
14th June 2017
Day 4
19th Sept 2017
Day 5

Further information

Further information about the course can be obtained from (click on the name for email address):

Course Lead
Roger Fernandes
Chief Pharmacist

Cost of the course

The course fee is £300 for pharmacy staff employed in NHS Trusts within London and South East and covers the cost of residential accommodation for days 1 and 2. This will be invoiced following successful confirmation of your place on the course.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to applying for this course.

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