Objective Structure Clinical Examination (OSCE) Assessment

OSCEs are now being run virtually via MS Teams.

Dates 2021

OSCE Assessment

Deadline to apply

9th June 2021

CLOSED - OSCE FULL 28th April 2021

12th October 2021

31st August 2021

Please note places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and applications will close once the OSCE is full. 

OSCE Support Session

To support candidates with the summative OSCE it is a course requirement that candidates attend an OSCE support session. The purpose of the OSCE Support Session is to practice medicines reconciliation within a protected environment and to debate and discuss practical challenges and issues that can arise while working within medicines optimisation – Medicines Reconciliation.  This session may be attended at any stage during the course.

The OCSE Support Session will be delivered locally, in the workplace by the Educational Supervisor (ES) or a person deemed suitable by the ES. HEE LaSE provide the ES with standardised training materials and resources to facilitate the OSCE Support Session.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Assessment

The OSCE assessment includes four stations used as an objective assessment of competence in Medicines Reconciliation. We will organise these assessments and run them four times a year.  Please note, if the minimum quorate is not met for an OSCE assessment it will be cancelled and candidates will be deferred to the following assessment.

All candidates registered for the Medicine Reconciliation or Medicines Reconciliation and Transcribing for Supply modules must complete the OSCE assessment within 12 months of the course start date. 

To be eligible to sit the OSCE assessment candidates must have had their ‘sign-off meeting’ with their ES and uploaded all the associated documents on to the Moodle platform.

Candidates should seek agreement from their ES if they are registering for the OSCE assessment prior to the sign-off meeting to ensure this is achievable.  If the associated documents have not been uploaded to the Moodle platform by the deadline set, candidates will not be eligible to sit the OSCE assessment.
Candidates will be permitted to attempt the OSCE assessment twice should they be deemed unsuccessful.