Educational Frameworks

We have been working with a variety of stakeholders over the past few months to develop curricular and frameworks for both the Educational and Practice Supervisor roles within pharmacy for primary and secondary care staff who manage and deliver training.
The ES and PS frameworks are now published and can be used in two ways:


As a standalone tool for supervisors to identify the competencies relevant to their role(s) and to demonstrate competence against criteria set by mapping their experience to them and identifying learning needs.


Complete the relevant supervisor training course -  more information about this will follow. 

Professional Development Framework for Educators

The Professional Development Framework for Educators has been developed by the Multiprofessional Faculty Development (London and South East) Team at Health Education England.  It has been designed to guide educational practitioners, in healthcare, in their development as educators to support their learners.  Each domain, within the framework, has been mapped to healthcare regulatory standards for education and training and to HEE Quality Framework.  This framework meets the needs for all EPDs.  It is recommended that new EPDs utilise the ES Framework and map themselves against the Professional Development Framework for Educators and identify any learning needs.