Terms and Conditions for The Pharmacy Training Company Modules

Terms and Conditions

Training is aimed at all educational and practice supervisors supporting pre-registration trainee pharmacists and pre-registration pharmacy technicians within London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

This course is supported from NHS funds enabling all educational and practice supervisors to undertake this programme without charge. However, enrolled participants who have not engaged with the course by submitting two assignments during a specified four-month period will be removed from the programme and incur a penalty charge of £50 from Health Education England (HEE) to cover some of the cost of the course.

By enrolling onto this course, you are entering into a commitment with Health Education England and the Pharmacy Training Company. By submitting your application, you are indicating that you accept our terms:


You commit to completing the training programme within the specified time.


You commit to completing any evaluation forms required by HEE or the training provider regarding your training


You understand that HEE will levy a training fee if you fail to complete the programme as specified above


You understand that there is no appeals process in the unlikely event that you are removed from the course

Course Requirements

Once enrolled onto the course, it is expected that:


Participants dedicate an appropriate amount of time to completing the module within the agreed deadlines.


If a participant is unable to complete the course requirements, that they refer to the appropriate information within the Terms and Conditions including:


Requesting an extension to an assignment submission deadline


Requesting a deferral to a later cohort




Participants inform HEE LaSE and the Pharmacy Training Company if they do not receive an enrolment email by the publicised enrolment date or if their email address changes at any stage


Participants complete a declaration to state that the work they are submitting is their own, with each written assignment submission.  


On completion of each module, each participant will be asked to complete a short evaluation. This allows for the Pharmacy Training Company to review each module and develop it to optimise the learning environment. A certificate of completion will then be provided at the end of each module.

All employers participating in the Oriel national recruitment process have agreed to abide by the Health Education England’s Quality Framework. The specific markers for pre-registration pharmacist training will be monitored.

On successful completion of the full course, a certificate of completion will be provided as evidence of training undertaken. This can be provided as evidence during HEE quality visits, if requested.


If a participant wishes to withdraw from the course, they must notify the Pharmacy Training Company in writing at administrator@thepharmacytrainingcompany.co.uk.

This request must be received within 14 days of enrolment*. If this request is received after this date, a course fee of £50 will be payable to HEE LaSE.

*If the course has already been accessed including access to course materials, you may still be liable to cover the cost of this course.


In the event that a participant is removed from the course, there will be no appeals process. The training provider has been advised to give notice through email reminders at 2-months, 3-months and 4-months. If the participant has not submitted 2 assignments at a specified 4-month stage in the programme, the participant will be removed from the programme.


This is an NHS funded course which enables all educational supervisors to access this course without charge. However, in the event that a participant is charged for this course, they will receive an email from HEE LaSE informing them of this charge. Individual participants will be invoiced using the address provided in their application form.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure payment is made. Our fee for this course is £50.


Participants are required to apply using the online application form, which can be accessed through the electronic course flyer, or on HEE LaSE website. Please be sure to select whether you are/will be an educational/practice supervisor for a pre-registration pharmacist, or pre-registration pharmacy technician, to ensure you are enrolled onto the correct programme.

If you are a Pharmacy technician and are an educational supervisor for pre-registration pharmacy technicians and involved in pre-registration pharmacist training too, then you may wish to indicate “both”. You can then undertake the 5-module rather than the 3-module course.

An automated email (provided a valid email address is supplied) will be sent confirming we have received your application and details on what will happen next. Please ensure you understand all terms and conditions before applying.
It is recommended that all participants discuss applications with their line manager, if appropriate, to ensure this course meets their learning needs.


It is the expectation that all grades obtained by participants must result from their own efforts to learn and develop. HEE LaSE and the Pharmacy Training Company view cases of plagiarism very seriously. It is unethical and unprofessional and may be reported higher. Pharmacy professionals who intentionally plagiarise in any part of their written assignments submitted to the Pharmacy Training Company risk being removed from the course and will incur a penalty charge of £50 to cover the cost of the course.

Extension to assignment submission deadline

Deadlines for each module will be provided on enrolment. Participants will have approximately 8 weeks to complete each module and participants are responsible for the submission of their assignments. This must be available online by the deadline.

If a participant is aware that they will not meet the deadline, they must contact the Pharmacy Training Company in writing at administrator@thepharmacytrainingcompany.co.uk at their earliest convenience, before the deadline.

An extension is not a right and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. It will not be normal policy to grant an extension.

Valid reasons for an extension are:


Medical or mental health grounds


Extenuating circumstances beyond the participant’s control.


Unforeseen work commitments

The following circumstances are not acceptable reasons for extension:


Deadlines for other courses


Computer technology failure


Foreseeable work commitments (Time management)

Deferral to a later cohort

Deferral is not a right and permission will be given on a case by case basis.  If a participant wishes to request a deferral, a request must be made in writing to the Pharmacy Training Company at administrator@thepharmacytrainingcompany.co.uk as soon as possible, including the reason for requesting a deferral.  If a participant has a long period of planned absence approaching (e.g. maternity leave), they must contact the training provider at their earliest convenience.

If the deferral request is approved, the participant will receive an email confirming this outcome and will automatically enrolled onto the next cohort.  If a participant is undertaking ONE or TWO modules for the Practice Supervisor course, then they will be enrolled onto the next start date for those modules.  If the participant is unable to complete the course as specified in the deferred cohort, then they will be removed and a course fee of £50 will be payable.

If the deferral request is not approved, then the participant will be expected to complete the assignment(s) by the agreed prior deadline.  Any participant that does not submit assignments within the specified period, will be removed from the course and a course fee of £50 will be payable.

Please note: A deferral to the next cohort may only be approved on ONE occasion.  If a participant is unable to commit to the course following a deferral, they will have to withdraw from the course and a course fee of £50 will be payable.

Data Protection

Health Education England LaSE and the Pharmacy Training Company will not make the information you supply available to any third parties. The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of this training programme.
Please refer to the HEE privacy notice https://hee.nhs.uk/about/privacy-notice for further information on how HEE manage your data.