Trainees Requiring Additional Support

The term trainee requiring additional support (TRAS) describes a doctor, pharmacist, pharmacy technician or dentist in training who, for whatever reason, needs extra help and support to deal with the problem(s) that threaten completion of a commissioned HEE LaSE training programme, post or attachment. Identifying a trainee as ‘requiring additional support’ is not to label them, but to set in motion a process so that s/he may complete training successfully and continue to contribute to the work of the NHS. 

We have produced a detailed TRAS Reference Guide which Educational Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors should read to support you to identify a TRAS and the process to follow to inform us. 

Early identification and intervention at a local level, supported by documented evidence shared in a timely and appropriate manner with HEE LaSE and other relevant organisations should result in transparent decision-making made in the best interests of the trainee whilst still supporting patient safety.

Educational Supervisors must submit a ‘Trainees Requiring Additional Support Reporting form’ to inform HEE LaSE Pharmacy.  This on-line reporting form is available above. Trainees can also self refer using this form.