Careers in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a dynamic area that plays a crucial role in healthcare offering a range of diverse, varied and rewarding careers.

Whether you’re considering a career in pharmacy, a pharmacy professional seeking a new opportunity, or are looking for a career change, use the tabs below to help provide you the insights and valuable resources to explore the possibilities.

We also have a range of adaptable ‘go-to' promotional resources to promote and attract people to the pharmacy profession.

Considering a career in Pharmacy

If you are interested in healthcare, science and are keen to help and make a difference in peoples’ life then a career in pharmacy could be for you! Discover how you can contribute to help improve health outcomes and shape the future of medicine.

A career in pharmacy

Videos of Pharmacy professionals

These videos of pharmacy professionals will give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the roles they undertake and how their passion turned into a successful career.

YouTube Pharmacy case study play list​

YouTube Pharmacy careers videos

Slightly longer “day in the life” videos of pharmacists in practice

Explore the different roles in Pharmacy

The pharmacy team work together to help people and patients by making a difference to their lives and wellbeing. Find out about the different roles in pharmacy and what skills you will need.

Various pharmacy roles

General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) are the regulator for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and registered pharmacies in Great Britain. Their role is to make sure people receive safe and effective pharmacy care and have trust in pharmacy. The link to the GPhC website can be found below.

Career pathways

Explore our interactive careers map to discover the career opportunities a range of different
settings can provide.

Careers map

Promotional resources

The ‘go-to’ promotional resources are free and can be utilised by career leads, teachers, educational leads, and employers to promote the profession.

The resources are designed to offer guidance, information, and tools that can help individuals make informed decisions about their careers.

Resource for promoting Pharmacy careers in England.

Social media assets including posters and social media cards .

The Pharmacy - A day in the life

The Pharmacy - A Day In The Life is an interactive 360 resource that can be accessed on a virtual reality headset, phone or browser, by creating an account via the link below:

Create an account via health care horizons through Barts Health NHS Trust.

To access the hidden pharmacy course follow this link – ‘Pharmacy: A Day in The Life’.