National Pre-Registration Trainee
Pharmacist Recruitment

Applicant Enquiries

All applicant enquiries, including locked oriel accounts, must be logged through the HEE London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Support Portal website. Please access this website from the button below.
Please read the FAQ's first and submit and enquiry if you can't find the answers you need.

What's happening now (April - June)

The process for employers to register to recruit for the national recruitment scheme via Oriel for the 2020-21 cohort is now closed and all employer information will be available from 5th June to view by selecting the Pharmacy Programme option within Oriel from within the pharmacy staff group.

From 12:00 noon on 5th June, the application window will open for students to register with Oriel and complete the application form. The application window closes at 12:00 noon on 26th June 2019.

Information about accessing the Oriel system and the registration and application process is below.

Accessing the Oriel System - Registration and Application Form

You have the ability to register on the Oriel system at any point to familiarise yourself with the system before applying when the application window opens (5th June 2019). We strongly encourage you to read the applicant handbook - please note that the version which is available now is last years, the latest version will be published in the next few weeks.
To access and register you will need to visit Oriel and select the pharmacy programme staff group.

When registering, current MPharm students will need to ensure their forename and surname are entered in the same way as this information has been provided by their School of Pharmacy (SoP). If you need to check the information that was provided by your SoP please contact them directly.

IMPORTANT: Any third year UK MPharm student who has not given their SoP permission to go onto a nominee list will not be eligible to apply for a Pre-Registration Pharmacist programme through the Oriel system.

Once you have registered you will be able to log in to your Oriel account using your email address with the password you have created. You will also be able to navigate around your own personal dashboard, which is where you are able to view all messages sent from Oriel and review your application. For full guidance on using your dashboard within Oriel please visit the Oriel Help Desk.

Upon registering you will be able to complete the following registration sections of the application form:
• Personal*
• Eligibility
• Fitness to Practice
• Competence
• Employment
• Equality

*IMPORTANT: you will be asked to enter your email address into the ‘Personal’ section. This address is the primary means of contact between applicant and the PNRO so it is imperative that the address you enter is one that you check on a regular basis (NB: including outside of term time). After the offers process is complete employers may send written correspondence to the postal address of their successful applicant, so it is important that the postal information you enter is up-to-date.

Application window opens 12:00 noon, 5th June 2019
From 5th June 2019 until 12:00 noon, 26th June 2019 you should complete and submit your application form by filling in the sections below*:
• Referees
• Declaration

*You will also need to complete information from within the other section of the application. The system will highlight where this information is required.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a working internet connection. We recommend you submit your application in plenty of time and well before the final deadline.

Further details on how to complete each section of the application are provided in applicant handbook.
You do not have to register before the application window opens (5th June 2019 – 26th June 2019), however, we would encourage you to do so for the following reasons:

• To familiarise yourself with the Oriel system.
• The information you complete as part of registering on the system can be saved and brought forward into your application saving you time during the application window.

IMPORTANT: If you are locked out of your Oriel account please contact the PNRO via HEE London, Kent Surrey and Sussex Support Portal and they will be able to unlock it on your behalf. The PNRO will aim to do this within 24-hours.
Please note your account only locks after five failed attempts at logging into your account, or five failed attempts at resetting your password.

Welsh Language MMIs: How to opt-in for National Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment
We would like to highlight that this year an option has been made available for students to undertake their Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in the Welsh Language. Students must email  to register their request for a Welsh Language MMI by 12:00 noon on 26th June 2019.
The Welsh Language MMI provision will be at the Cardiff City Stadium Selection centre (on Thursday 13th September).

Sawl Cyfweliad Byr (MMIs) yn Gymraeg: Sut i optio i mewn ar gyfer Recriwtio Fferyllwyr Cyn Cofrestru Cenedlaethol
Eleni, rydym ni’n falch o gyhoeddi bod modd i fyfyrwyr gwblhau’r sesiwn Sawl Cyfweliad Byr yn Gymraeg. Dylai myfyrwyr e-bostio  i gofrestru eu diddordeb mewn gwneud y sesiwn Sawl Cyfweliad Byr yn Gymraeg erbyn 12:00 noon ar 26ain Mehefin 2019.
Bydd y sesiynau Cymraeg yn cael eu darparu yn Stadiwm Dinas Caerdydd (Ddydd Iau 13eg Medi).

Recruitment Timeline



Pre-registration Pharmacist training programme information available on Oriel

5th June 2019

Application window opens

12:00 noon, 5th June 2019

Application window closes

26th June 2019

MMI selection centre booking window opens

17th July 2019

MMI selection centre booking window closes

24th July 2019

Numeracy/SJT centre booking window opens

5th August 2019

Preferencing window opens

7th August 2019

Numeracy/SJT centre booking window closes

16th August 2019

MMI selection centres held

9th September 2019 - 26th September 2019

SJT/Numeracy selection centre held (Pearson VUE Test Centres)

30th September 2019 - 11th October 2019

Preferencing window closes

31st October 2019

First round of offers released

Mid November

Offers upgrade deadline

End of November

Programmes commence

July/August 2020

Complaints Policy

The recruitment and selection process to pre-registration pharmacist training places aims to have methods that are fair, transparent and free from discrimination.

We publish our recruitment and selection methods processes and quality framework on the following webpage

The processes are designed and delivered by the Pharmacy National Recruitment Office (PNRO) working in partnership with local offices of Health Education England and the Welsh Workforce Education Development Service. However hard we try to respond to the wishes and aspirations of applicants accessing our recruitment services, we do recognise that, on occasion, our service may fall short of expectations. If you believe this has happened to you, you can use the complaints procedure below, which tells you how to make a complaint and how it will be handled.