Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please submit an enquiry form and we will respond to you directly.

National Recruitment Scheme


I am a Community Pharmacy and I want to sign up to the National Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme via Oriel?

The National Recruitment Scheme runs annually recruiting for the next academic year e.g. the Recruitment Scheme in 2023 will recruit for a applicants starting in 2024. The timelines for National Recruitment are fixed and have strict deadlines. Employers are invited to sign up to the Scheme between January and the end of February. Unfortunately if you are looking to sign up after this date then we are unable to accept your programme and you will need to wait for the next year.
Further information on the National Recruitment Scheme and the timeline can be found on the National Recruitment Website.


I am a Pharmacy Student and my Oriel account is locked?

Please visit the PGMDE Support Portal and submit a ticked to the Pharmacy National Recruitment Office and they will unlock your account.


I am a Pharmacy Student and I have a question regarding my Application to the National Pharmacist Foundation Training Recruitment?

Please visit the PGMDE Support Portal which contains frequently asked questions as well as a form to submit an enquiry directly to the Pharmacy National Recruitment Office.


I am a Pharmacy Student and I want a copy of the Applicant Handbook for the National Pharmacist Foundation Training Recruitment?

A copy of the applicant handbook is available in the Student Zone. The new applicant handbook will be published in mid-May each year. Communications will be sent to Schools of Pharmacy once this is available.

Other Pharmacy Queries


I have questions about the Trainee Pharmacist Foundation Year?

You can find out about the Trainee Pharmacist Foundation Year via the HEE website by clicking the button below. Here you will also find information about the ePortfolio for FTYs.


I am interested in Educational/Practice Supervisor Training how do I find out more?

Supervisor training is available for all educational and practice supervisors supporting trainees with London, South West and South East. You will find more information on our Workforce and Quality webpage accessible via the button below.


I am a third year MPharm student looking for a Summer Student Placement?

Summer Student placements are organised and run by the organisations which host them. Our website does provide some information on upcoming placements within Secondary Care Trusts in London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex. This will be made available once it has been provided by the Trust but if you have any queries we advise you to contact the Trust directly as they manage the recruitment themselves and can advise on queries.


I have a query about funding for Independent Prescribing?

Information on Indendent Prescribing can be found on the HEE website via the button below.


I need to re-accredit my Final Accuracy Checking, Medicines Management and Pre-and In Process Checking. How do I go about it?

From 1st September 2016, we removed the requirement for practising ACPTs to
submit evidence. Guidance was issued that stated staff should follow local processes and procedures
and ensure they are practising within local standard operating procedures and the remits of their job
From 1st February 2017 we have aligned this process to the re-accreditation requirements for all
remaining pharmacy technician accreditations;

Medicines Management

Pre and In-Process Accreditations

There is no national or regulatory requirement for education providers to re-accredit for these
programmes. Staff should work within local Standard Operating Procedures and demonstrate the
competences for the job role they are performing to their employer.
Therefore we will not be issuing any future Re-accreditation Certificates

If you are unable to find an answer to your question above, please complete an Enquiry Form