Announcement: MMIs Cancelled for Forthcoming Recruitment

In light of the ongoing restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision has been taken to cancel the Multiple Mini Interviews for the 2020 National Recruitment Scheme. Please see below for our message and next steps guidance to all employers, which was circulated to employers directly on 18th May 2020. 

Terms of Participation

In order to recruit via the National Recruitment scheme, all employers must read and agree to the Terms of Participation and to abide by the HEE Quality Framework (or Welsh equivalent for employers in Wales) before signing up to the scheme. Please read this information available below before signing up to the scheme via our online form.
Please note that once you have agreed to recruit to the listed programmes via Oriel you cannot then offer this place to anyone outside of the scheme.

Employer Programme Information

The spreadsheet available below lists all the employer programmes which were advertised in 2019 for the 2020-21 cohort and includes details on hours and salary stipulated to support drawing up employment contracts. 

Please download the spreadsheet below which details all of the pharmacy employers and the programmes being offered in the 2020 recruitment process for the 2021-22 cohort. This spreadsheet provides easy access to view multiple programmes filtered by specific employers. 

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Click here to view all our documents.

Employer Recruitment Handbook

Frequently Asked Question


What happens if I miss the deadline for submitting my programme details?

Unfortunately we have to work to strict deadlines and are not able to accept late submissions. The process  opens each year in mid January and closes around end February. 


I cannot find the appropriate Location (sector) within the options given, what can I do?

The location (sectors)listed are agreed nationally and are fixed. Please select the location (sector) that best fits your location.


What happens if I am unable to facilitate the pre-registration places due to branch closure/loss of a pre-registration tutor?

In this instance you would need to inform your Regional Pharmacy Leads as soon as possible, contact details are in the employer handbook.


I can't log into Oriel to review my applications? 

The Oriel system is an open access website which means that anyone can view what is on there. However when you need to access applicant information, you will need to use the secure site which is and will require your log in details. If you do not have log in details use the Contact Us Recruitment form. 


Tier 2 Sponsorship

Sponsorship licence
To employ an individual in the Tier 2 (General) category of the points-based immigration system, employers require a sponsorship licence. This licence enables you to apply for the relevant certificate of sponsorship (CoS) needed to employ an individual from outside of the EEA.
When granted a sponsorship licence, employers are given access to the sponsor management system (SMS) which enables them to issue CoS to migrant workers.
Sponsorship categories
There are two categories of certificates of sponsorship (CoS) within Tier 2 and each requires a different issuing process:
•    An unrestricted CoS is used for individuals who are already working for you under Tier 2 who need to extend their stay to continue working for you and for individuals you recruit who are already in the UK and who are allowed to switch to Tier 2.
•    A restricted CoS is used for individuals who are applying from overseas as new entrants into the country.
Unrestricted certificates of sponsorship (CoS)
Each licensed employer should have their annual allocation of unrestricted CoS loaded onto their SMS account on 6 April each year. If you require more certificates at any point throughout the year, you can request these through your SMS account.
There is no restriction on the number of CoS that can be granted to employers for use with individuals who need to extend their employment, transfer employers within Tier 2 or transfer into Tier 2 from another relevant Tier, such as Tier 4. However, employers need to be able to account for why they are requesting that number of certificates, if asked by UK Visas and Immigration.
For more information see chapter 3 (pg.93) of the Tier 2 - 5 sponsorship guidance issued by the Home Office.

Tier 2 certificates of sponsorship for pre-registration pharmacists – process reminder
When applying Tier 2 certificates of sponsorship to skilled pre-registration pharmacists coming to the UK from outside of the EEA, it’s important to be mindful of the process and the correct approach.

These training posts are not subject to the resident labour test (see page 119 of the Tier 2 - 5 sponsorship guidance ) and all associated sponsorship fees should be met by the employer and should not be imposed on the individuals themselves.

Organisations should not decrease the advertised salary once the offers process is complete, as this can have a significant impact on Tier 2 candidates fulfilling the sponsorship requirements. 
You can find further information about the Tier 2 recruitment process in our immigration section.

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