Innovation and Leadership in Quality Assured Pharmacy Education

About Our Team

Health Education England London and South East Pharmacy (working across London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex) is a NHS funded service, enabling the pharmacy (and wider) workforce to deliver service transformation meeting current and future NHS service workforce requirements

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that NHS staff who provide modern medicines management and pharmacy services are able to access superior quality education and development.

We are committed to a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

HEE Pharmacy Priorities

To support the delivery of the Government’s mandate to Health Education England.
To recruit, register and retain a future NHS pharmacy workforce.
To support workforce transformation to optimise skill mix in service delivery.
To maximise efficiency and value for money with an emphasis on quality.

Below is a brief example of the work we are involved in.

Recruitment and marketing of pre-registration trainee pharmacist training in the NHS

Commissioning training for practice and educational supervisors in the workplace for NHS and Primary Care employers

Training and assessment of pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants to provide medicines management in the workplace

Commissioning Training and assessment of pharmacy technicians to accuracy checking in the workplace

Quality managing pre-registration trainee pharmacist, foundation pharmacist education and pharmacy technician education

Providing support and networking opportunities for Educational Programme Directors

Commissioning and quality assuring education provision for pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians

Providing a regional programme of face to face and on line training to support pre-registration trainee pharmacists and their tutors

Working with national bodies to input and influence education policy in relation to pharmacy

Leading on prescribing training and assessment in the workplace

Developing a Vocational Training Scheme network for Foundation Pharmacist training

We work closely with other departments within the KSS Local Area team and the three London local teams to deliver the HEE Mandate. Some of our key priorities around Primary Care can be found here


Annual Report 2017-18

Download our 2017-18 Annual Report below or for a quick snap shot of our year in review, read our summary of activities delivered 2017-18.