Terms and Conditions

Medicines Optimisation Programme

Candidates who are registered on the Medicines Optimisation Programme: Medicines Reconciliation Course must apply for the OSCE Assessment via the correct online registration form.

Supervisor Training

Candidates applying for Educational Supervisor and Practice Supervisor training must do so via the ProPharmace registration link. Candidates will be expected to also sign up for any additional face to face modules upon enrolment on to the training programmes via the ProPharmace virtual learning environment. Candidates must discuss their educational and/or practice supervisor role and training with EPDs and/or line managers and must NOT enrol onto both training programmes.
Pharmacy Support Staff considering completing the practice supervisor training must have completed, or be currently completing, their level 2 qualification.
Personal information provided on application forms will not be made available to third parties.


Our training and virtual events are aimed at NHS employees within London involved in the management and use of medicines. Virtual Events will principally focus on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians but on occasion, it may be appropriate for other healthcare staff such as specialist nurses to attend. The target audience for each event will be clearly indicated on advertising material and on our website.

Terms and Conditions

Applications to our events are accepted on the following conditions:

  • An event may be cancelled if undersubscribed and applicants notified in writing.
  • Further information, including pre-course activities will be sent at least 5 working days before the event

Ground rules for virtual events

Delegates attending our events are expected to:

  • Practice good timekeeping by arriving on time at the start of the event (where possible) and when returning from break, at all times.
  • Ensure you can access and use Microsoft Teams in advance of the event as technical issues are easier to sort out prior to the event.
  • When entering the event please keep your microphone muted to avoid excessive background noise
  • For smaller events please enter with your camera turned on (if possible), it is nice to be able to see event participants.
  • For questions during Teams events, please use the chat or raise your hand function, or other method (e.g. Mentimeter, Slido) as directed by the event lead.
  • Come prepared for the event and undertake any pre-event activities
  • Listen actively during the event and avoid interruptions.
  • Participate fully and facilitate a two-way process of sharing experiences and encourage others to participate too.
  • Be open and honest to new ideas and learning more about yourself and others and provide constructive criticism to support event improvement.
  • Be respectful of others including the trainer.
  • Some virtual events are recorded so please be professional when participating, you will be informed of the recording at the start of the event.

Ground rules for on-line learning

Course Participants are expected to:

  • Complete all on-line activities in accordance with the course requirements and inform us at the earliest opportunity and confirm in writing to lasepharmacy@hee.nhs.uk if you are unable to do so
  • Complete course activities each week
  • Participate in online discussions with colleagues