Employer Information 

Employer Programme Registration for the 2020-21 intake is now closed. A list of employers who are registered with Oriel to recruit in 2019 (2020-21 intake) is available below.

It is mandatory for all NHS employers who train Pre-registration pharmacists within England and Wales to recruit via the National Recruitment scheme and we welcome all community pharmacy employers to join the scheme.

In order to recruit via the National Recruitment scheme, all employers must read and agree to the Confirmation of Participation and be able to meet and abide by the HEE Quality Framework (or Welsh equivalent for employers in Wales) for pre-registration training before signing up to the scheme.

Pharmacy Employer Programme Information

If you want to review the programme information listed on Oriel, please download the spreadsheet below. The spreadsheet will allow you to sort and filter the programmes available.

Benefits of recruiting nationally

The following benefits of a National Recruitment Scheme for Pre-registration Trainee Pharmacists via Oriel can have be recognised:

The selection criteria have been developed through a robust research process i.e. development of a Professional Attributes Framework.
Selection is values based.
Selection methods utilised are evidence based. 
Selection is standardised across sectors thereby promoting a more flexible and equitable workforce.
Selection is managed by HEE thereby reducing risks of litigation to employers.
Offers can be made at the same time thereby reducing gaming and subsequent unfilled places. 
Pharmacy can be more easily affordably included in wider NHS processes and systems eg trainee information systems.
Pharmacy can be part of shared learning across professions in relation to recruitment. 
Reduced duplication and administrative costs of multiple recruitment processes to employers and applicants.  
Cost per trainee reduces as the system is rolled out and implemented for all preregistration pharmacists. 
It is fair and transparent to applicants with high levels of acceptability.

Pre-registration Pharmacist Recruitment Overview

PRP Recruitment timeline diagram