Registration onto the National Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme via Oriel 2023 for the 2024-25 cohort year.

In order to recruit via Oriel, employers must register each year via the online form below. You will need to provide programme specific information and agree to meet the terms of participation.

If you are an existing employer, your employer details will be available by selecting the correct Health Education England region followed by location (sector), Employer Type and speciality or size of organisation from the available selections in the online form below. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive an email from with a copy of your submission, please check your junk mail folder if you can’t see this email.

We strongly recommend that you download a copy of last years information, which was advertised in Oriel, from the Pharmacy Employers and Programme Information 2022 spreadsheet which is available on the righthand side. The spreadsheet has filters added providing quick access to your programme information from last year. If you have multiple programmes to submit (one form completion per programme) it is advisable to keep a track of which ones you have submitted and ensure you do not submit a programme which you do not plan to recruit to or duplicate entries.

Please also read the employer guide, which provides detailed information about the National Recruitment Scheme and more information about registration and providing your programme information, in addition we have also prepared a short video for a step-by-step guide to how to complete the online form.

Please note that if you are an employer in Wales, you should not be completing the online form. Please contact if you have any queries.

The deadline for employers to register to recruit via Oriel and submit programme information for the 2024-25 cohort is 11:59pm on Wednesday 1st March 2023

Employer Programme Information Registration Form - complete the following form in full to register

Based on number of branches

Choose from the list of drop downs available or choose Other and enter Employer Name in the field below.

If your employer name is not listed please enter it here. Note: you should use Branch/Pharmacy name or TA company name here. If you are using your Branch Name for Employer name, please also include your post code in this field (eg Blakeberry Pharmacy E6 3RL)

Choose from the list of drop downs available or choose Other and enter Website Address in the field below

If your website is not listed please enter it here or N/A if you do not have a website or a link to NHS Choices

Please inform us of your programme information below. This information is what prospective applicants will see within the Oriel system. Please ensure your programme description accurately reflects what programme the trainee pharmacist will receive and to use the new GPhC IETP terminolgy.

Please select from the available options on the drop down below. If you are a new employer or an existing employer with a new or revised programme, select Other and complete the fields below:

Employer Name or Branch/Town/Postcode field will display as Programme Title within Oriel and will provide applicants with easily accessible information so please ensure it accurately reflects a name they will recognise. If your programme remains the same as last year, it will be available on the drop down above and should be selected.

Cluster Approach – HEE does not recommend this as an option, please refer to the employer guide for detailed information on this option before choosing it. If you decide on a cluster approach, your pharmacy branches should be within close proximity, i.e. within around 1 mile apart and will need to be the branch name not the trading as company name, please use the beginning part of the post code here only, eg SE20.

Please add the following details:

eg. Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust or Abbeydale Pharmacy

eg. Frimley

eg. GU16 7UJ

Programme Description

Please provide a clear description of your programme so applicants can make an informed decision when choosing which organisations to preference. You should also include here details of all placements; branch/hospital/GP/ICB/Health and Justice/Industry site and post codes. There is an additional question below which relates to placements; if you are offering a multi-sector programme where placements are 3 months or more in duration, select Yes in the multi-sector section of the form below and complete the additional fields required.

(950 Characters including spaces ONLY) Please do not use any formatting or bullets.

Please enter your programme description

For HEE commissioned trainees only: The number(s) you submit, for each of the programmes being advertised, should be the same as previously submitted scoping figures sent to HEE in the autumn of 2022 for the METIP submission or GP EOI. Final numbers will be confirmed in May 2023.

By selecting more than 1 trainee place, you are committed to advertising these trainee places within your employment, ensure you have the necessary resources in place before selecting more than 1 place/trainees.

Applicants will need to know if you are offering a Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship, all hospital/ICB employers should offer sponsorship, please choose Yes from the drop down below. As a Primary Care Employer, if you are not offering sponsorship for all the places you are recruiting to, you will need to submit two separate programmes, one with sponsorship and one without. More information about visa sponsorship can be found on the Home Office Website here:
The minimum salary payable for anyone requiring sponsorship is set by the Government each year, for the 2022 recruitment round, the minimum was set at £22,000, if you have selected Yes, you will need to enter £22,000 or higher in the salary field.

Hours per week
Minimum Salary Required

Note: The salaries and hours listed are based on the Governments current minimum wage limits. Employers must pay the minimum wage as set by the Government at the time of employment.

Warning: The minimum salary limit from last year is set at £22,000 as an indicative amount, if you choose to offer visa sponsorship you must pay the minimum salary as set by the home office.

Choose from the list of drop downs available or choose Other and enter Training Provider in the field below

The next section of the form is for the placement information. The majority of posts are 1 placement for 12 months however if you are planning to offer a multi-sector programme and the trainee will have placements in other sectors of 3 months or longer in duration please select Yes and provide the details below.

If you are offering any placements which are less than 3 months, select No and list these in your programme description above. Please note you will be required to enter your 12 month placement information below, the length of placement is set to 12 and does not need to be completed.

Please complete all fields below regarding the detail of placements, including the employing organisation which is likely to be the First placement.

NOTE: details regarding the branch/hospital/GP/ICB and Health and Justice/Industry site and post codes will not be visible to applicants within Oriel however for the purposes of accuracy of information HEE requires this level of detail. If you are offering a multi-sector place, please ensure you include branch/hospital/GP/ICB and Health and Justice/Industry site and post codes in the programme description above so it will be available to prospective students. If you are still waiting on details of placements, please state the sector and add TBC in the other fields if this is not yet available.

First placement

Second placement

Third placement

Forth placement

Contact Details

Please confirm your contact details below - these contact details are not made available to applicants. They will be used by Health Education England to keep in touch throughout the recruitment cycle and for an account to be set up on Oriel in order to access successful applicant details in December 2023.

Please enter your telephone number, this should include the full country & area code, if you have an extension please provide this in the input provided.

Privacy Notice

HEE will be the data controller of all received registrations. HEE’s role is explained in more detail within the full HEE Privacy notice [], which outlines what information is held, why and for how long.

Applicants often wish to contact prospective employers during the preferencing process or once allocations have been completed. Please indicate below which email (if any) you would prefer to be shared with applicants who want to get in touch with you.

Terms of Participation

In order to participate in the National Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment Scheme, we ask that all employers abide by our Terms of Participation. These are clearly detailed on our website.
To confirm your participation and agreement to abide by these terms, please complete the following:

You agree that:

Failure to abide by these terms will result in the removal of your programmes from the scheme.