Supervisor Training

Please note

The contract with the Pharmacy Training Company to deliver Educational Supervisor and Practice Supervisor training has now finished. 

Further information about supervisor training will be made available on this page later in the year.

Educational Supervisor Training

The Educational Supervisor (ES) is responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a period of training placement or a series of placement.  The ES is also responsible for the trainee’s educational agreement.  This will include formal assessment and sign off.

Practice Supervisor Training

The Practice Supervisor (PS) role is important within the workplace.  The PS is responsible for overseeing trainees work and providing developmental feedback during a specified period of training.  Their role includes supporting learners to identify opportunities for learning within the workplace and to provide day to day responsibility of supervision of trainees.

Further Information

If you are currently enrolled on the PTC PS or ES course and require further information please contact The Pharmacy Training Company directly or contact Pam Bahia, Educational and Practice Supervisor Training Lead.

Trainee Support

From time to time, trainees may require extra support. For trainees and employing organisations we have developed a reference guide which outlines the educational support processes in place for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that are undertaking commissioned training within our region. Please visit our dedicated Trainees Requiring Additional Support page for further information including a link to download the reference guide which should be read prior to submitting the on-line reporting form.