Health Education England Pharmacy Terms & Conditions

Who can attend?

Training is aimed at all NHS employees within London and South East region involved in managing the use of medicines. This will principally focus on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians but on some occasions it may be appropriate for other healthcare workers such as Specialist Nurses to attend. The target audience for each course will be clearly indicated on all advertising material and our website.

How to apply?

Our courses should be applied for in advance and we would strongly advise you to apply for your preferred courses early to avoid disappointment. Participants are required to apply on-line using the form applicable to the event. An automated email (provided a valid email address is supplied) will be sent confirming we have received your application form.  

Accreditations must be supported by agreeing to and signing the Learning Agreement. Participants must be supported by an Educational Supervisor or trained facilitator in order to complete the programme.In all cases participants must ensure they have gained permission to attend from their manager.

Health Education England LaSE Pharmacy will not make the information you supply available to any third parties.


Cancellation for any of our events must be received in writing to Extenuating circumstances, for example sickness on the day of the event, will be taken into consideration however the delegate or nominated colleague must contact the Health Education England Pharmacy office (01293 227141) or the facilitator of the event by 10am on the day to ensure a charge will not be made. Failure to notify us of non-attendance will result in a charge of £75. 

For any candidates who have previously attended an assessment and failed, a charge of £50 will be payable for the candidate to re-sit the exam.

Bookings for all courses are accepted on the following Terms & Conditions

All applications are reviewed by the course lead prior to formal acceptance, if you meet the entry criteria please assume your application is successful. Further information, including any pre-course work or on-line activities will be sent at least 5 days before the start of the course. If the course is oversubscribed you will be notified. The closing date for all events is normally 4 weeks before the course date.

Please note that late applications will not normally be accepted after this date, you are therefore advised to contact us on 01293 227141 if you apply after the closing date to check availability of attendance. We reserve the right to cancel any event if a sufficient number of attendees is not forthcoming.

The assessment process for our programmes are as follows:
Medicines Optimisation Programme: Medicines Reconciliation Course - Apply directly for the OSCE Assessment. 
National Medicines Management - Apply directly for the OSCE Assessment. 
Accredited Checking Pharmacy Technician - Apply directly for the ACPT assessment.
Pre & In-Process Checking - Assessment will be included within the training day plus portfolio submission Practice Supervisor - Module 3 is the summative assessment for this programme. 

Any deferrals for our accreditations must be made in writing to the Course Lead at least 4 weeks prior to assessment dates (including portfolio submission dates) stating the reason why; this includes all on-line training.   

Pre-reg Pharmacist Open Day - This event is free to all 3rd year pharmacy students however if you have registered for the event and subsequently fail to turn up on the day without informing us before hand (and at least by 9am on the day of event) you will be charged a £75 charge. 

Ground rules for Participants on all Courses

Face to Face Events

Course Participants are expected to:

Arrive punctually at the start of the course and for all subsequent sessions throughout the day

Stay for the duration of the course

Undertake any pre-course work associated with the course

Inform the us at the earliest opportunity if they are unable to attend the day and confirm in writing

On-Line Training 

Course Participants are expected to:

Complete all on-line activities in accordance with the course requirements and inform us at the earliest opportunity and confirm in writing to  if you are unable to do so

Log on punctually for the start of the induction webinar (if applicable)

Complete course activities each week

Participate in online discussions with colleagues