Developing clinical and digital skills for Pharmacy Undergraduate Students using EPMA systems

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust (CHS)


Developing and using technology more effectively is key to our pharmacy strategy and will develop the skill-mix of the future pharmacy workforce in an innovative and novel way. A key component of the NHS Long Term Plan is for progress in digitally-enabled care to go mainstream across the NHS. In order to achieve this, the future NHS workforce needs to be better equipped with the knowledge and skills around information technology and digitalisation. One of the practical priorities that will drive NHS digital transformation is to “encourage a world leading health IT industry with a supportive environment for software developers and innovators”.

Project Aims

The workforce transformation initiative from CHS will support the future pharmacy workforce to develop the skills they need to make effective use of digital services and technologies to work effectively and flexibly.

CHS will develop a training programme to upskill pharmacy undergraduate students in digital clinical skills, using EPMA systems. This can be further developed in the future, for other trainee groups, as well as incorporating prescribing training.

The programme will enable students to act independently and consistently using EPMA systems to demonstrate meeting the GPhC learning outcomes at the higher levels of Miller’s triangle.

Project Objectives

Development and implementation of a pharmacy undergraduate training programme on digital and clinical skills, using EPMA systems, including:

E-learning/lecture materials

Case studies and training scenarios

OSCE assessment

Content will include:

Overview of EPMA systems, benefits and risks

Practical skills using EPMA systems

Drug history taking and documentation on EPMA systems

Medicines reconciliation

Information gathering and analysis

Clinical screening and monitoring of medicines

Discharge reconciliation and transfer of care

A pilot programme will be run over the summer of 2023, with course content being reviewed in collaboration with Brighton University, for implementation in the Undergraduate programme in September 2023.

Expected Outputs

Development and implementation of a pharmacy undergraduate training programme on digital and clinical skills, using EPMA systems which can be easily utilised/adapted for use with other pharmacy training groups and other professions.

Complete the training for a cohort of 20 pharmacy undergraduate students by the end of 2023.

Assessment of trainee knowledge and skills developed via OSCE scenarios.

Student satisfaction survey to report back on feedback from the programme.

Project Team


Abbas Alidina

Abbas Alidina


Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust


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Project Lead