Integrating prescribing training into the pharmacist foundation training year across South East London integrated care system

South East London Integrated Care System


NHS England Workforce, Training & Education Directorate (formerly HEE) will have responsibility for oversight and quality of foundation year training and assessment for all trainee pharmacists in England. This will include independent prescribing at the point of registration in 2026. Therefore, training sites in the NHS managed sector, primary care and community pharmacy must develop and action strategies that integrate prescribing training into the foundation year.

Project Aims

We aim to co-design and evaluate sustainable and scalable models of prescribing training and prescribing supervision across the sectors of practice. This will include developing ‘trained and ready’ designated prescribing practitioners (DPPs) across the integrated care system (ICS), ahead of the 2025/26 foundation year cohort.

Project Objectives


Develop, implement, and evaluate different models of prescribing training and supervision in the 2023/24 trainee pharmacist cohort (recruit between 50 to 100 trainee/supervisor pairs across the ICS).


Develop and roll out a DPP training programme for prescribing pharmacists across the ICS.


Create a system level education governance structure for the safe introduction of pharmacist prescribing at the point of registration.

Expected Outputs

We expect at least 3 different models of prescribing training and supervision to emerge out of the co-design process, with variations in ‘scope of practice’, learning in practice time and activities, as well as the nature of supervision. The project will help define ‘scope of practice’ for pharmacist prescribing at the point of registration and upskill pharmacist prescribers across the ICS to become DPPs. The evaluation will inform training sites’ training plans for subsequent trainee cohorts.

Project Team




Champa Mohandas

Chief Pharmacist, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Accountable Officer

Kai Loke Chan

Kai-Loke Chan

Kings Health Partners

Project Lead

William Swain

William Swain

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Project Lead