Consultant Pharmacists

Interim local arrangement for new consultant pharmacist posts

The Department of Health guidance (Gateway reference 4586) issued in March 2005 provides information for the development of consultant pharmacists posts. The guidance recommends that a process is developed to approve submissions from NHS organisations. A national process for the recognition of consultant pharmacists posts across England is currently being developed by Health Education England (HEE). 

In the meantime, interim local panels will review new consultant pharmacists posts.   HEE London and South East (HEE LaSE) Pharmacy team will facilitate the interim process across London and the South East; until the national process is established, to ensure that posts are sustainable, equitable and transferable across the NHS.

Local interim panel for reviewing proposed consultant pharmacist posts

The HEE LaSE Pharmacy facilitated process has been implemented to deliver the following functions:


Organise the panel for post review according to a programme of dates and ensure appropriate membership at the panel meetings.


Receive applications from organisations within the geography and circulate to panel members.


Respond to applicant organisations within the specified timeframe advising of the panel’s decision and, where necessary, providing feedback to support any resubmission.

Members will bring expertise to the panel in respect of the specific area of pharmacy practice under consideration, knowledge of workforce development, higher education and/or the core functions of the consultant post. The panel will include:

HEE LaSE Pharmacy representative

Chief Pharmacist or Director of Pharmacy Services (not associated with the application)

NHS England representative

Pharmacist with appropriate expertise in the area of practice under consideration, drawn from a recognised UK specialist or practice interest group e.g. current Consultant Pharmacist

HEI representative

Community Pharmacy

Criteria for approval of consultant pharmacist posts

The purpose of the approval process is to ensure that:


The need for a consultant post has been established and that the job description, person specification and job plan are clearly stated.


Adequate management support and resources have been identified.

The panel will assess whether posts will be sustainable, equitable, and transferable across the NHS and reflect the four integrated functions:

Expert practice, usually comprising 50% of job plan

Research, evaluation and service development

Education, mentoring and overview of practice

Professional leadership

Applications for recognition of a consultant pharmacists post

Applications for recognition of a new consultant pharmacist post will be by submission using the Consultant Pharmacist Post Recognition Application Pro-forma. The application should be accompanied by a job description, person specification and job plan. 

Please see the guidance notes produced by HEE LaSE Pharmacy to support the applications.  The panel will review applications twice a year. Application deadlines are 30 April and 31 October. 
Please return completed applications and accompanying documents to  A response can be anticipated within 60 days of submission.