Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians

Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacy Technicians are trained within the workplace and complete a 2 year training programme of underpinning knowledge and NVQ assessment.

Within London and the South East (Kent, Surrey and Sussex) all trainees once employed within an NHS organisation will obtain their training and qualification from one of two providers. These providers are Bradford and Westminster Kingsway Colleges.

Bradford College offers a virtual classroom delivery and NVQ Assessment Centre approach whilst Westminster Kingsway College offers attendance at college and NVQ Assessment Centre. Your employer should inform you which college they use as part of the recruitment process.

Trainees Requiring Additional Support (TRAS)

From time to time, trainees may require extra help and support. This support is available to all funded trainees, please access more information below. 

More information about the providers is available below.