Evaluation for Blood Pressure Plus (BP+) Project (Surrey Heartlands)

Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex


Project Aim

It has been estimated that the optimal treatment of hypertensives across the Surrey Heartlands area could save up to 160 heart attacks and 230 strokes, with avoided costs in excess of £3 million. Whilst this programme is focussed on just one part of the whole CVD prevention pathway from which these benefits will arise (that of detecting those with undiagnosed hypertension and other CVD risk conditions), it is nevertheless a vital element without which the rest of the pathway will not function in an optimal way.

Project Objectives

To reduce the burden of ill-health and deaths caused by hypertension and AF (i.e reduce stroke and CHD events and deaths)

To increase the awareness amongst citizens of the link between the conditions and serious cardiac events such as stroke

To increase the number of people who “know their numbers” i.e. have opportunity to check their blood pressure and pulse

To increase citizens capacity (in terms of knowledge and skills) to manage/prevent high blood pressure through lifestyle modifications

To increase the number of citizens who have hypertension or AF who are actually diagnosed.

To ensure that these aims are equitable across the Heartlands in relation to CVD need in order to reduce CVD-related health inequalities (i.e. the interventions are targeted)


The following documents are outputs of the projects.

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Project Team




Hinal Patel

Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex

Accountable Officer

Hinal Patel

Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex

Project Lead